Hello CEO!

I remember what it was like when I started my online business in 2014 and wanted a nice website. I spent hoooouuuuurrrrs trying to figure out Word Press all by myself, just enough to make a decent site. But I quickly outgrew it so I built a temporary site in a REALLY easy to use and free platform called Strikingly that I stumbled on. In fact, this is what I teach and tell all my Authentic Marketing Academy™ students to use when they are bootstrapping their brand!

I also remember getting quotes for websites in the $3-5k range and felt like it was a RIP-OFF to pay anyone that because honestly does it take THAT long to build a website? At Julia Slike & Co. we design custom 5-page websites starting at $497!

My ''Pay What You Want'' logo offer sold out in less than 24-hrs and has been running smoothly so far. I'm working on proofs and it's really great to provide this service for my tribe! I've decided from now on I'm running MY BIZ, MY WAY!!!! And so I'm doing what feels good to me and experimenting right now.

And so I wanted to give you a real TREAT for Halloween this year!!! My techy VA, Jocelyn and I've decided that until midnight we're going to offer ''Pay What You Want'' for your website.... perhaps we are crazy, but here's why...

First, I know if you are in my tribe you are an EXPERT at what you do and having no shame in your website game is going to make it THAT much easier for you to get out there and start helping the people waiting for YOU! And because you're an expert and professional, I trust you to make wise business decisions for your business and not take advantage of me. I trust that you trust me -- because lets face it this offer is as vague as hell! I believe that you know whats best for your business and if that's investing in a new or revamped website with me then, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

Second, well we want to update our website portfolio (either Myself or Jocelyn will be designing your site) without chasing down new clients, hahah #luckyyou

We know how to make your brand STAND OUT and that a well designed website can do wonders for your brand confidence (and how hard it can be to find a talented and fast web designer). So, we wanted to bring our expertise to your business! You can click the buttons below to see my portfolio. We are offering 5-page websites (home, about, contact, blog + work with me) or a single page website aka sales page.

The process is simple... just click on the button below to pay me which will reserve your spot. I'll work on orders in the order they are received starting Monday morning! I will need to gather some info from you and then your website will go into production. 

Please note: it is VITAL that you have your complete website copy and photos READY TO GO! We will NOT be doing ANY copy coaching, photoshopping or editing. YOU MUST PROVIDE US EVERYTHING WE ASK FOR WHEN WE ASK FOR IT. You have a 5-day grace period to provide ALL MATERIALS for your website from today. 

IF I don't think we can help you OR if you don't have the necessary materials to complete your site within the next 5 days, I will refund your payment immediately.

IF you become a PITA client (pain in the ass) we reserve the right to fire you, without a refund. You can see our complete terms here.

You'll receive your site within 30 days! If you have any questions feel free to text me 717-577-7710 (yes, that's my personal cell #). Otherwise, I look forward to collaborating with you on your new amazing website!

Have a blessed evening,


p.s. copy coaching/editing, coaching/consulting or anything you need to create your site IS AVAILABLE for an additional standard rate, please ask.



This is a limited time offer and ends at 11:59 pm EST TODAY!