"I had a power hour with Julia and I have to say it was indeed powerful. Julia has a way of making you feel like everything is easy.

She is so supportive and really knows how to guide you into taking massive action. Just two hours after our call I had a photographer booked and had a photoshoot the next day! I know the sales will be coming in faster after having Julia on my support team!"

Alisa Auger, The Creativity Muse

"Julia's Life + Biz Bliss session crossed my path at a time when I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and completely stunted on a hugely important project in my business: upgrading my offerings by revamping my course (The Debt Manipulator 3.0), setting up a membership site to deliver it, and overhauling the sales pages. The glitches and mental obstacles encountered were so bad, I literally had walked away from the project for a month at that point. Honestly, I was feeling pretty low about not being able to finish something, let alone even remotely close to the deadline I had originally intended.

Through our session together, Julia helped me identify the specific mental obstacles that were holding me back (re: needing to pull in another person on the project + lost confidence with a dose of perfectionism to top it all off). Not only that, but she put me in touch that same day with the tech person who actually did precisely what I needed: brought the project home.

I am so happy to report that just a month and a half later, my polished sales pages are live, my membership site is up-and-running, and I feel confident again about it all. And just in time, as I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant!"

Amanda L. Grossman

Testimonial headshot-08.png

"Julia was an absolute pleasure to speak with. Comforting, attentive, and combated every one of my doubts with amazing positivity! During our session, she helped me find my niche, gave feedback on my branding, and set me on a solid path that I believe will lead me straight to where I want to be with my business.

Not only did she leave me feeling positive about my work, we also went over methods to improve other important aspects in my life. I've never felt more sure about my business track, and I am very grateful to have had someone like her to guide me! I'd definitely recommend to anyone who wants to conquer the business world, and the best #Girlboss they can be."

Stephanie Jenssen


“My session with Coach Julia was like a gust of cleansing air for my soul!  I had been struggling with my business idea and just needed to talk it out with someone who didn’t know me, but cared to listen.  Julia was that person for me and more.  She listened, asked thoughtful questions, and got me to talk about what I really wanted to do with my business and how I saw my business idea filling a need.  She helped me gain some much-needed clarity during our session, and I felt like I really knew what I was going after once our session was finished.  And to my delight, it didn’t stop there!  Following our session, the clarity that I had gained continued to emerge over the next couple of days and I began generating niche specific ideas for my business, as well as exciting ideas for future growth opportunities!  If you’re looking for a coach who is fun, easy to talk to, doesn’t force ideas or tactics on you, and really cares about you and your vision, sign up for a session with Coach Julia - you won’t regret it!!”

Ashley Cox



"Julia is the all-in-one coach with impact. She helps entrepreneurs who struggle with not only business but life, relationship and personal challenges. She takes you from overwhelmed to empowered. In my first session with her, she listened carefully and asked questions about me, my lifestyle, my business goals, my balance. Then she offered helpful, tactical, actionable steps to get me momentum. She really knows how to push you along to get results for your business. She cares about YOUR business as if it was her business. And all while feeling personable and making you laugh along the way."

Mallika Malhotra, mikifoto



"Julia is more than a coach, she is genuinely concerned in your successShe creates sacred space for you to open up, feel heard, and gently yet firmly helps you move to create and manifest your true potential.  I highly recommend working with Julia Slike, I have found it to be a "gift that keeps on giving". "

Lacy Florentino, Little Black Book Concierge


"Julia helped me with my initial branding and some marketing advice. She was extremely helpful and incredibly friendly. The best part was that she seemed to genuinely care about me and my business, and also for her business as well. You could just tell she loved what she was doing. It was refreshing to work with a business coach who had a real passion for her job. Julia also gave me tons of wonderful advice to help get me outside of my comfort zone and really help push myself and my business. Julia is a wonderful asset to my business and I can't recommend her enough."

Jamie Gladden, Jamie Gladden Photography

"Julia Slike has been an amazing blessing in my life. She has helped me through some difficult mental and emotional blocks in my business. Her style is authentic and fresh. She is a true testament of what a life coach should be. If you want to grow your business in marketing, strategy and finding your ideal clients then she is the gal that you need to be working with to make your dream happen."

Dr. Yules Navarro

"Coach Julia is one of a kind! After speaking with her for a few minutes, we instantly connected. She asked about my new coaching business and where I was currently at. After hearing me ramble on, literally, for quite a while, she gave me some suggestions and ideas to implement to jump start my very new business (just over a month old now!).

One of the suggestions she made was to offer a beta program to generate some buzz about my business. Why I didn’t think of that before is beyond me, but I am grateful that she coached me through what I would need to do, offered options for a price point and the duration of the program.

After we spoke, I went to work on creating my program and launched it a couple of days later. Within 10 days of the launch, I was able to sign 2 new clients, have 3 other potential clients thinking about working with me and there’s still some fabulous ladies reaching out for more information.

With her coaching, advice, encouragement and knowledge, I was able to get my business truly off the ground and running. Julia has a heart of gold and truly is passionate about helping others. I am grateful to have gotten to know her as a mentor and a colleague, but most importantly as a friend. If you are looking for coaching services for your business, I highly recommend her services! She will guide you every step of the way and will make sure that you are very well taken care of."

Kayla Brissi

"Julia is a breath of fresh air in every way. She knows how to lovingly push me to dig deeper so I can experience the breakthroughs that I need to uplevel my success. I love her heart-centered honest approach. I am always beyond blessed every time I have a session with her."

April Williams, Creative Brandista


"Julia is fun and energetic and more exciting than most coaches out there! You have to check out her meetings and blogs etc. Had so much fun she made me dance and laugh so hard in a long time!!!"

Renae Milburn


"In just a short time, I have come to find that Julia is an outstanding coach! She is attentive, caring, and most of all, great at what she does. She puts you on the right track with all the resources needed for success in your business. Her amazing service, positive attitude, and joy to see others succeed are unmatched. She sticks with you through the tough times. I love that! Don't have any reservations. Book her services! It's worth every penny!" 

Krysta Clark, Make Me Married



"I am at the crucial stage in my business of pouring the foundation. Technology is not my strong point and Julia actually made me believe I can setup systems so my business runs effectively and efficiently I an easy simple way. She took me through a step by step process of what's important to do now. She actually sparked the confidence within me that I CAN DO IT!

Donna DeLuca, Be The Change


"Julia does an amazing job of asking questions and serving as a guide to help you discover your own solutions to the challenges you are facing. She is a great listener and offers excellent insight based on her understanding of you and her own personal experience, knowledge and expertise. While working with her I felt like I could freely share and unload my vision, goals, thoughts and ideas, and by the end of a conversation I feel like I’ve gained so much clarity and perspective. She is motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable - and super sweet! I would totally recommend her services to those who are looking for someone to come alongside them in their creative or professional endeavors and provide insight, perspective, clarity and accountability. Two thumbs up for Julia!"

Kelsey Van Kirk, The Home Loving Wife


"After one coaching session with Julia - I gained so much clarity and focus with my business. We talked about my desires for my business and then narrowed my several page to-do list down to 3 main goals to accomplish to take my business to the next level. It helped so much talking to another female instead of my hubby. While I love talking to him - there's just something about talking biz with another lady - we just "get" each other so much more. I have the creative drive back and I'm excited to get to work again after my session with Julia. Before the chat - I was super overwhelmed and not knowing what to work on next. Thank you for your time Julia."

Brenda, Brendas Wedding Blog

"Julia and I know that through get got see coaching training school I had no idea how lucky I was but I knew while I was in our class that I was hoping that that woman with the pink hat was going to be my peer coach because I was looking at all of her content that she had on the web prior to starting get got see coaching train school and I noticed that she had a very unique style that was very cheerful and inviting and I thought to myself I hope I get that girl so lo and behold I end up getting Julia Slike and I'm like oh my God I asked for that and I got it amazing so we worked for a three months one on one once a week 90 minute conversations and the results you can see for yourself at JulianMethodCoaching.com

Julia has unique ability of helping you decide how you want to share your secrets and your sauce and how to implement them with simple tools Like 17 hats, online scheduler, Bitly, Getresponse.com, YouTubeTv, Periscope & Facebook, even with your vision of your Logo and Branding. 

This is her strength helping guiding, cheering, mentoring you with what you want not what she thinks you should do! Plus she helps you stay on what's important for that day, week, month you won't be disappointed she is worth it and more priceless." 

Michele Julian, Julian Method Coaching


"Working with Julia was a blast! She truly is a powerhouse full of great ideas and tools for implementing them. In the hour we worked together she offered up insightful thoughts and ideas about how to move forward with my business. If you are looking for someone to help you get shit done, Julia is your woman!"

Angie Andrews, Angie Inspire