"Julia and I know that through get got see coaching training school I had no idea how lucky I was but I knew while I was in our class that I was hoping that that woman with the pink hat was going to be my peer coach because I was looking at all of her content that she had on the web prior to starting get got see coaching train school and I noticed that she had a very unique style that was very cheerful and inviting and I thought to myself I hope I get that girl so lo and behold I end up getting Julia Slike and I'm like oh my God I asked for that and I got it amazing so we worked for a three months one on one once a week 90 minute conversations and the results you can see for yourself at

Julia has unique ability of helping you decide how you want to share your secrets and your sauce and how to implement them with simple tools Like 17 hats, online scheduler, Bitly,, YouTubeTv, Periscope & Facebook, even with your vision of your Logo and Branding. 

This is her strength helping guiding, cheering, mentoring you with what you want not what she thinks you should do! Plus she helps you stay on what's important for that day, week, month you won't be disappointed she is worth it and more priceless." 

Michele Julian, Julian Method Coaching


"Working with Julia was a blast! She truly is a powerhouse full of great ideas and tools for implementing them. In the hour we worked together she offered up insightful thoughts and ideas about how to move forward with my business. If you are looking for someone to help you get shit done, Julia is your woman!"

Angie Andrews, Angie Inspire