Meet the team

At Julia Slike & Co. we believe it takes a TEAM to build your DREAM. When you hire ME to be your coach, you not only get access to me, but my entire DREAM TEAM!


As a 10 year seasoned souloprenuer, Julia has always followed her heart when it comes to building a career around her family - and teaches others to do the same! Prior to graduating with a BA in Graphic Design she wanted to be a journalist. Her strength for writing "from the heart" paired with her designers eye makes her a ninja asset to any business that wants to build an authentic brand and stand out online. Julia is the Creative Director and Marketing Strategist working direct with clients and her team to put "personality in your pixels" and art and soul in your marketing message.

Virtal Assistant // Jocelyn

Jocelyn has been a virtual assistant for 3 years over at Sensible Business Support. She provides impeccable technical & virtual support to her clients. Jocelyn graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BSDegree in Organizational Communications. She currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and 2 kids under 2!

BRAND Photographer // Shannon

Shannon is the secret weapon that will bring your online brand to life. She knows how to pose you to get your best angle every time and make you look like the rockstar you are. When she's not behind the camera she's holding branding workshops for local business owners or homeschooling her kiddos. You can find her on Instagram or at Shannon Confair Photography.