Can you help us find our soul tribe!?

We have an itty-bitty membership community for heart-centered entrepreneurs and it's way to quiet for our liking. Think, that last party with a DJ you went to and NO ONE is on the dance floor and then someone finally stepped out and next thing you know there's more feet on the floor, than butts in seats! We want everyone at our party on the dance floor WITH US.

We are life + biz coaches (we met in coach training school as practice coach/client) and have each been full-time entrepreneurs long before we were ever had a facebook profile. Juls strength is marketing/branding and creating your client journey. MJ works with body-mind-spirit so she's going to make sure you're taking care of yourself while Juls makes sure you take care of business.

Our members are a various stages in their life + biz -- because we MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT! Everything we practice and preach is to do what feels right to you, because YOU are your own Guru! YOU are the BOSS of YOUR biz!!! We want to empower you to make decisions and TAKE ACTION towards the life of your dreams. Because once you decide -- it's just a matter of catching up to your own reality that already exists in your future ;)


The group goes something like this...
▶️ Motivation Monday - set your goals, we have an accountability form for that!

▶️ Q+A Tuesday - post any questions you want help making decisions on in your life and/or biz or ask us anything about ours

▶️ Wisdom Wednesday - share your knowledge with the tribe (and yes you can link to your offers + opt-ins)

▶️ Think about it Thursday - share your latest blog post, FB post or something you like that makes the tribe think about their life/biz

▶️ Feedback Friday - post projects or links you're working on and get our direct feedback

📲 You also get access to the membership trainings, recordings, etc. as seen here.

By submitting this application you agree to:
💗 be a highly engaged community member
💗 provide honest and candid feedback at all times
💗 share what's going on in your life + biz to receive support
💗 provide a video interview/testimony
💗 complete weekly surveys
💗 share this page with 1-2 friends you'd like to join you
💗 not disclose that you've gotten a free membership/coaching to other members