Julia E. Slike


To help small biz owners with big hearts market + brand their biz and attract clients they adore.


BA Graphic Design // Millersville University // Millersville, PA // 1996-1999


Owner // Julia Slike & Co. //  Selinsgrove, PA // 2015 - present
Life Coach, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Graphic Design

Ind. Executive Director // Thirty-One Gifts // Selinsgrove, PA // 2009 - present
Lead team by example, train new biz partners, business coaching, maintain + grow personal business

Owner // love2bcreative // Camp Hill, PA // 2000 - 2010
Designed customer wedding invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards + small business collateral

Senior Graphic Designer // Motor Trend Auto Shows // Hummelstown, PA //2000 - 2005
In-house design department


I'm dedicated, driven, determined and above all I'm loyal. I'm not going to waste your time I'm going to give you more!

"You're so heart and soul" one of my clients told me that this week and it melted my heart!

I'm not driven by money, I'm driven by helping people!

I've been selling babysitting since I was 12, and before that I went door-to-door selling gift items from a catalog for free prizes that's how I got my first walkman!

I'm really great at connecting with people you and your team will be in good hands with me!

Julia will COMMIT TO...

1. Be a team player

2. Be ar eliable (do what I say & say what I do)

3. Represent your brand with integrity & enthusiasm

4. Go to you with any questions/concerns 

5. Communicate in a timely fashion 

6. Create & maintain an online system to manage leads/follow-ups/clients, etc. (be organized)