Welcome to the #JoMapChallenge

hosted by Michele Julian, Creator of the Julian Method
Inspiring Health & Wellness of the Mind, Body & Spirit

Inside Scoop!

Michele Julian is one of my VIP coaching clients which means she gets to do FUN stuff like host her #joymapchallenge while I work behind the scenes on the tech/design side of things. I love design, marketing, strategy, implementation it comes pretty "natural" to me it's my "zone of genius" and what I want my clients to focus on is what comes natural to them and makes them feel like the boss of their biz and life. I want Michele to stay in her zone of genius and that is feeling good & being happy and helping others feel good & be happy. 

Here are the first 5 days to get days 6-10 and see how I facilitated this challenge just click the join button above!