Doors close for Summer School 1.0 on SUNDAY, July 1st!

NOTE: Group coaching zoom calls are recorded. If you can not attend live, you can submit questions or materials for review/feedback on recording. Hours will be voted on by participants since we have a small group.

NOTE: Retreat will be in a central location to all participants and exact dates + times will be agreed upon so all can attend. 




Note: All Courses are included with Luxe + VIP Summer School but enrollment in them ends when Summer School does, unless you continue in our fall coaching program or purchase them.



Q. What exactly is Summer School?
A. This is our high-touch boutique style coaching program to hold space for you to grow by leaps + bounds personally/professionally as you kick off Q3. Luxe + VIP clients have LOADS of direct access to us via group calls + Marco Polo. There is no curriculum/method/blueprint to follow (however we have some available if you want them, it's about getting you out of your head and into your heart to find the THING that lights your soul on fire. We can help you create your first or next signature program, course, ebook, lead magnet, content strategy, social media plan, marketing map... you name it! All that stuff swirling around in your head keeping you stuck and in overwhelm, we help you get out of your own way! 

Q. What will I ''walk away with'' at the end of Summer School?
A. If you already have programs/packages you've sold before we'll help you refine/revamp your offerings to attract your soul-mate clients who will be happy to pay you! If you do not have packages/programs for sale we will help you validate, test-market and create a signature program you can sell over and over again! If you are more advanced, we will help you automate your marketing efforts with a sales funnel.

Q. Is this a program I'm going to get lost in and little or no personal attention?
A. Hell to the no! We pride ourselves in keeping our number of clients intimate and impactful. You just can not get the same results working with dozens or hundreds of clients/students. We only work with a limited amount of clients (12 max. for Summer School) so that we can give you the attention you + your business need to make big shifts. Once Summer School begins those our new clients are our SOUL focus!

Q. Is this REALLY going to work?
A. With what we teach you.... If you DO YOUR SOULS WORK.... you WILL make money in the next 60 days and if for some strange reason you don't you WILL have a tested, proven, signature service packaged and READY TO SELL that can make you money for many years to come (priceless)! Here's what one client had to say....


Q. Do you offer a payment plan?
A. YES! Because, once there was a program that CHANGED MY LIFE.... I didn't have the $ to pay in full. There was a payment plan. I had JUST received a (small) payment from a client, enough to make the first payment. Had I not been able to "afford" that program, I'm sure I'd STILL be spinning my wheels figuring out how to make money online and I sure as heck would not have created THIS program or my Authentic Marketing™ Academy or my Soulopreneur Secret Society and the MANY other soul-centered trainings I have for you!

I want this opportunity to be the moment EVERYTHING changed for you +  your biz + your bank account!


Q. What if I change my mind?
A. This is a 3-month financial commitment so once you join you are financially responsible for all your payments, even if you "change your mind" for ANY reason, there is a no refunds, no exceptions policy. If you don't FEEL without a doubt this program is for you, then please don't sign up. We are ALL IN and I need our clients to be as well. Please see our clients rave reviews here.

Q. How do I know I'm going to like you/your coaching style?
A. Check out our free LIFE + BIZ CRASH COURSE and #18DaysOfCoaching and see if you like it!