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THANK YOU!!!! We hope you enjoyed the training and can't wait to see your beautifully branded new instagram feed!


-Amanda & Julia

Chat roll

15:04:31     From paulina : hi I am paulina and a mental health therapist in private practice, in whittier CA
15:04:41     From Rina Meza : Hi, Rina here from Austin. I have a handmade business- Sincerely Rina
15:06:56     From Nguwasen : Hi everyone 😀
15:07:08     From Rina Meza : mostly papercraft
15:07:29     From Sarah : Hey beautiful people! ^_^
15:09:27     From Alana : 2
15:09:31     From Rina Meza : 1
15:09:33     From Sarah : 2
15:09:33     From Gianni Rand : 2
15:09:33     From ineke : 2
15:09:35     From taniagarderemacleod : 2
15:09:36     From Tiffany : 1
15:09:41     From Kate : 2
15:09:42     From taniagarderemacleod : i just use for personal
15:09:42     From susan : i have 1 but havent done anything with it
15:09:47     From paulina : 3
15:09:48     From rachelmehta : 2
15:13:41     From taniagarderemacleod : well that’s good news - i’ve got over 27,000 in iPhoto on my phone!
15:14:16     From Julia Slike : bahahahah tania!
15:15:20     From Julia Slike : I’m going to put some notes in the chat here :) creative market + shutter stock sell high quality crisp images you can edit and repurpose one image multiple times
15:16:22     From taniagarderemacleod : Afterlight app also gives you some edit options (I can out into a circle - my brand is all about the perfect SPOT)… so circles relate to my brand
15:17:10     From Julia Slike : > keep your brand connected in the grand scheme of things
15:17:34     From Julia Slike : > if you have stock photos someone else is using them too so how do you est. your brand?
15:20:50     From taniagarderemacleod : team work
15:22:03     From taniagarderemacleod : orange, spots, dots, perfect
15:22:29     From taniagarderemacleod : do you have an example of a MOOD Board?
15:23:04     From Julia Slike : let’s talk about that in Q+A!
15:25:22     From taniagarderemacleod : those colors are FABULOUS!
15:25:31     From Cindy Ball : Sorry gals I have to run. Good content.
15:26:14     From Julia Slike : thanks for joining Cindy! let us know if you have any questions when you watch the replay!
15:27:45     From ineke : Love this tuff
15:27:57     From taniagarderemacleod : pronounces like sun”Tan” ya
15:28:34     From Julia Slike : I have 2 one @bagladyjulia and @lifecoachjulia :) **feel free to post your handles in the chat here I’ll send it out with the replay***
15:29:40     From Julia Slike : > everything you do in social media should relate back to what you are offering
15:29:47     From taniagarderemacleod : @taniamacleod
15:29:54     From Julia Slike : > 3x a day post something and make offers
15:30:30     From Julia Slike : i.e. - hey come to this cool class
15:30:34     From Shannon  : yessss girl!! fuck that! balls to the wall!
15:30:37     From Julia Slike : GO AND GET IT!!!!
15:31:18     From taniagarderemacleod : fun, high energy, passionate, orange, spots, polka dots
15:31:29     From Julia Slike : i love polka dots!
15:31:42     From Alana : inspirational, sassy, clever, magical, motivational, gorgeous
15:31:59     From Robyn : peaceful, joyful, freedom, colorful, playful, inspirational
15:32:07     From rachelmehta : I usually do it for a client, but I need to make an act for my own business. Imagining for my own business ,I’d say modern, customer serving, will lift your business up. Mountain is part of my logo. vibrant colors
15:32:28     From taniagarderemacleod : share runs w my dog, kids (I have 4).. I need to get better on IG for business/work content
15:32:36     From Julia Slike : WE are OUR BRAND!!!!!
15:32:36     From Robyn : Nothing yet! just starting. 
15:32:44     From Tiffany : Pink, purple, blue & teal. Motivation, helpful, success, teaching. High energy, inspirational, inspriing
15:32:50     From Alana : I have 2 IG’s, one that is up and running and one that I’m working on. The one that is up is very Disneyland focused which is super easy because they have photographers all over the park!
15:33:13     From Kate : as a photog i show the work i want to do more of. and then a little behind the scenes personal
15:33:16     From Shannon  : i agree! i need to be more active on IG. most of my cluents come from there and im just so lax. ugh
15:33:24     From Kim Barbato : selfies, my puppy and hubby and then random pics. need to grt
15:33:34     From Kim Barbato : get better at what I post
15:33:35     From Julia Slike : that’s awesome Shannon GO GET IT GIRL!!!!
15:34:46     From taniagarderemacleod : hell ya
15:35:03     From taniagarderemacleod : i started waking up at 4:45am so i could have ME time to read, meditate, etc
15:35:38     From taniagarderemacleod : IG doesn’t let you schedule, am I missing something?
15:36:01     From taniagarderemacleod : i’m waiting for it.. i’m about to snap a picture of this slide
15:36:33     From Julia Slike : Scheduling Software
15:36:42     From ineke : I use Smarterqueue
15:36:43     From Julia Slike : > LATER - Amanda’s FAVE
15:36:49     From Julia Slike : > Planoly
15:36:50     From ineke : and meetedgar
15:36:53     From Julia Slike : >Hootsuite
15:36:58     From Julia Slike : >Buffergram
15:37:02     From Julia Slike : >
15:37:07     From Julia Slike : Socialdraft
15:38:26     From rachelmehta : agreed
15:38:53     From taniagarderemacleod : thx for that..
15:38:58     From taniagarderemacleod : this was worth it just for that
15:39:06     From taniagarderemacleod : had no idea we could schedule IG posts! wooohooo
15:39:09     From ajncreative : YES! Glad to hear it Tania
15:39:18     From ajncreative : Right!? I didn’t know it for the longest time either
15:41:40     From taniagarderemacleod : i spent $1000 for someone to build a blog that was so ugly and i had to revamp! ugh
15:51:30     From Tiffany : I have to run, looking forward to hearing the rest on the replay. Thanks Amazing content so far xxx
15:51:40     From ajncreative : Thanks Tiffany! Take care
15:52:31     From Kim Barbato : I have to run as well. Love love love this!! Thank you ladies!!
15:52:32     From taniagarderemacleod : do you think it’s ok to group/batch post to all social mediums?
15:52:38     From taniagarderemacleod : IG to FB and twitter
15:52:50     From taniagarderemacleod : yes
15:53:04     From taniagarderemacleod : good point.
15:53:20     From rachelmehta : tweak the message text a touch too
15:53:41     From Julia Slike : I have the share button selected on IG which is almost ALL I ever post on my biz page, lol!
15:53:51     From taniagarderemacleod : when we post personal things, should it be BRANDED??
15:53:57     From paulina : any other recommendations for creating DIY photos? or graphics?
15:54:12     From taniagarderemacleod : it just makes it more time consuming and not automated.
15:54:35     From ajncreative :
15:54:42     From taniagarderemacleod : what’s your IG accoutn too
15:55:20     From ajncreative :
15:56:02     From taniagarderemacleod : not on biz page. on IG or personal FB page, should it still mimic our brand
15:57:17     From taniagarderemacleod : are you saying canvassing?
15:57:22     From taniagarderemacleod : canva?
15:57:23     From paulina : yes!
15:57:29     From Julia Slike : CANVA :)
15:57:35     From ajncreative : Canva
15:57:50     From taniagarderemacleod : do we need sep biz and personal IG??
15:58:23     From Julia Slike : I don’t because I don’t use it for personal I use it for biz.
15:59:01     From Michele Julian’s iPhone : Will this be recorded so we can listen to it later?
15:59:18     From Alana : What are some examples of 3 calls to action that I can use daily?
15:59:34     From taniagarderemacleod : so IG for me is to stay in touch w my kids,  and their friends.
i need to have a presence on IG
15:59:54     From Alana : without being annoying lol
15:59:56     From Kelly : @hilarywinfieldfineart for IG
16:00:48     From taniagarderemacleod : so do we need a Facebook GROUP in addition to Biz page?
16:01:04     From Alana : got it!
16:03:08     From Michele Julian’s iPhone : @julianmethod
16:03:48     From rachelmehta : sorry have another call at 4 - thanks for the info!
16:04:10     From taniagarderemacleod : but BOTH group and page for BIz?
16:04:34     From Julia Slike : YES - biz page so you can run FB ads from it and group to build relationships with your tribe :)
16:05:03     From Julia Slike : nobody goes to anybodies pages — I only do if I’m looking “at” a particular person to get more info
16:05:46     From Alana : if you had to break down the ig bio into 3 easy steps to get it right, what would they be?
16:05:57     From ajncreative :
16:05:58     From Alana : they were all so different but all great in their own ways :-)
16:06:14     From Julia Slike : my group is The Soulopreneur Society
16:06:42     From Elena : when is the next group
16:06:47     From taniagarderemacleod : so fun! thanks ladies!
16:07:00     From Elena : video training
16:07:07     From taniagarderemacleod : we want more!
16:07:11     From Elena : I'm totally hooked...
16:07:25     From Shannon  : thank you!! So much great info!! thank you ladies :)))
16:07:29     From taniagarderemacleod : time?
16:07:32     From Alana : how to sell on IG would be a great topic
16:07:44     From Robyn : You Ladies are so cute! and brilliant. Thank you!
16:07:45     From Elena : yessss how to sell
16:08:01     From paulina : what is it?
16:08:18     From Nguwasen : thanks so much guys, loads to get started on 👌🏽
16:08:50     From paulina : lead magnet
16:09:04     From Elena : brain much awesome ifo. u girls are amazeballs
16:09:17     From Julia Slike :