AND YOU ARE STILL working for free!


You are one smart cookie and you're really good at what you do but...


your business is more like an expensive hobby then a money making machine...

Can I get a hell yeah!


Are You:

  • working for free
  • feel guilty charging
  • depressed when you see others rocking their biz
  • tired of courses that leave you more confused
  • taking a course only to have like zero access to the coach

You know it's possible because others have paved the way!
You just want your GPS to stop saying “searching for signal”. You don't need a GPS! You need someone who has gone from where you are to where you want to be to say “Follow me!"



  • a step by step ACTION plan
  • a SOULFUL personal brand
  • UNWAVERING 1:1 support 
  • a supportive SISTERHOOD

I so get it

Because a year ago I didn't have this gorgeous website. I was charging every course I could get to my credit card faster than I could pay it off, farting around on Facebook groups looking for my "ideal client" even though I had no idea who she really was. And if I did find her I didn't actually have anything to sell her besides a “three-month coaching package”.  Newsflash: People don't want to buy three-month package. People want to buy results. And that’s what I bought… course after course making me promises… and here’s what I found: What works for someone doesn’t work for everyone.

I called my best friend in tears, saying, "I ran out of money and nobody hired me yet!" I thought every coach I admired online knew exactly what they were doing…. until six months later those same coaches sent me an email saying hey guess what six months ago I was a ball of tears on the floor with no clients. (Say what??? Back when you were telling me what an expert you were and I wanted to hire you?)

I'll never forget that pit in the stomach I had when after about a year my husband finally said to me so when are you gonna start making money!?

And then I decided what if I stop listening to what works for everyone else?
What if I said screw the niche?
What if I didn't care who wants to work with me I care about who I want to work with?

And then I started dreaming…


What would be my perfect job? What could I do that I wouldn't even believe people would actually pay me for?

What if I didn't charge "what I'm worth" and just charged the bare minimum so I could to test my flagship offer and then raise my price?

What if I let my soul guide me and what if I stopped telling myself I had to make "$10,000 this month", next month and the next – only to make zero (and feel like a total loser).

What if I really enjoy the journey?

 I was not about to build my dream
on burnout or give up!

I'm not going to tell you I hired a coach who rocked my world. What I can tell you is in six months I coached myself (because my husband put a ban on hiring more coaches….. I did have like 5 at one time) and surrounded myself with other women I trusted instead of turning to others for answers.

I turned to my inner voice.

You see, I didn't need to spend $20,000 to work with a “next level coach” who was going to share her templates with me, tell me what I need to do, and what I wanted to do wasn't what I needed to do. I got really intentional with my offers, my prices, my copy, my headlines, my emails, and my graphics and I got into a content creating zone.

I realize I taught myself a lot... hell, I made a  full-time job out of making a coaching business and I realized I could just put everything I learned (with blood, sweat, tears and dollar bills) into a select six-month group mentorship program like nothing else I’d seen.

Most programs have "lifetime" access and teach a lot so that by the end you can start implementing and go back to the content, again and again (yeah like that's happening!) I’ve designed this program to get you into action and give you tangible results right away!

I believe in you and your business!

I'm very selective on who I work with because I believe in creating an amazing unforgettable experience for you!  

MY PROGRAMS HELP YOU SET everything up to start making money and stop working for free!!!

This is me "all up in your business" making sure you are taking care of business. I won't let you shrink, hide or go MIA. You've got BIG work to do this year and together we are going to make sure it happens.

I will help you to NAIL your message, ZERO in your brand, ELEVATE your offers, CONVERT your conversations to get new clients and IMPLEMENT systems that will save your sanity (and a boat load of hours you are probably wasting right now)!


"Julia is the all-in-one coach with impact. She helps entrepreneurs who struggle with not only business but life, relationship and personal challenges. She takes you from overwhelmed to empowered. In my first session with her, she listened carefully and asked questions about me, my lifestyle, my business goals, my balance. Then she offered helpful, tactical, actionable steps to get me momentum. She really knows how to push you along to get results for your business. She cares about YOUR business as if it was her business. And all while feeling personable and making you laugh along the way."

Mallika Malhotra, mikifoto


I guarantee if you do ALL the work you will have...

  • a luscious lead magnet attracting dream clients
  • a "customer journey" that feels good to you both (aka "sales funnel")
  • a newsletter that your tribe wants to open
  • a content calendar keeping you FOCUSED and productive
  • a sexy signature package + price you can sell with confidence
  • a branded social media presence with engagement
  • written and designed a sales page
  • a digital product you can sell and make money "in your sleep"
  • hosted your first "challenge"
  • hosted your first webinar with confidence + sell something on it!
  • practice your "discovery call" until you don't get nervous hosting them
  • simplified with SYSTEMS so you work smarter not harder
  • a branded website that shows off your personality
  • a blog you write on regularly (be it 1x a week or month)
  • the perfect words to say when someone asks "so what do you do?"
  • your priority clarity statement + a brand manifesto
  • a brand book to share with your future team
  • a SOP (standard operating procedures) guide

At the end of the program you will have your Authentic Marketing Plan™ to create the online content-cash-creating machine that you desire.


"I was skeptical about working with a business coach. I did a group program before and I feel like I wasted my money. I like working with Julia, I'm making a lot of progress. I'm at my original income goal in just 3 sessions and now I'm setting new one! I've gotten more done in the past month that I did the past year!"

Jocelyn Michaels, Sensible Bussiness Support

Jocelyn Michaels // Sensible Business Support

I created my 1:1 + Group Programs to be the ULTIMATE coaching experience for you! One that will inspire you, lovingly push you out of your comfort zone, support you and most importantly fuel your passion to do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do and make good money doing it so that you can MAKE MORE MONEY, WORK LESS, and spend more time with the people you love!



I believe in you!
let me help you believe in you!