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Learn The Secrets To Effortless Direct Sales...

From a SAHM who earns 3X her former full-time salary working only part time!

  1. Why those canned scripts are actually preventing you from making sales, and what to use instead.

  2. The ONE mindset that will change everything in your biz (no one else talks about this, but it's the key to breakthrough success).

  3. The little-known truth about your customer that will INSTANTLY free you from ever having that "icky" feeling about selling again!

This LIVE master class recording includes:

  • Burn Your Money Story! Complete a guided exercise to reframe the thought "I can't afford that"

  • Money Tracking Template! Download the one I use in my life/biz... what gets measured grows!

  • Never Feel Pushy Again! Discover how to Book & Sell from the heart and attract your dream customers.

  • Discover YOUR Secret Sauce! Big Fish Little Sea. How to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Live Q&A for ANY Girl Boss questions you have + Optional Dance Party

When you find your MARKETING MOJO selling becomes EASY not SLEAZY.

If you've EVER felt uncomfortable or unworthy to sell your services these videos were made for you!

Day 1: CEO of YOU

Day 2: Your Sexy Signature Offer

Day 3: Your Banging Brand

Day 4: Launch with Love

Day 5: Soul Marketing

Day 6: Selling with Systems


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