How do I know?

Q. How do I know you are the Coach for me, Julia?

A. Simple, apply for your Sample Strategy Session with me... then, you'll know! Listen to your heart, if it's not a HELL YES it's a HELL NO. It's kinda like a blind date once we meet we'll both know if we want a 2nd date! The feeling has to be mutual I only work with clients that I believe with all my heart I can help get results. 


Q. I'm not local how does this work?

A. I love to hold my private (+ group) coaching sessions over Zoom so we can "see" each other it allows me to be really present with you (since I can gaze into your eyes, lol). If you prefer the "old fashioned" phone we can do that too. These are YOUR sessions!

A. If you invest in a 3-day personal branding retreat, Shannon (my world-class photographer) + I will meet you ANYWHERE in the world. #havebagswilltravel

A. If you invest in a 2-day personal branding retreat you have your choice of staying at the Hotel Hershey (Hershey, PA) or a quaint B&B in Lewisburg, PA.


Q. How many times do we meet per month?

A. As a private coaching client we will meet for 3 months I call this my 3x3 method. We meet 1:1 the first 3 weeks of each month for 60 minutes and then take a week "off". During your "off week" you'll have the opportunity to mastermind with my other clients in a group coaching video call!

A. If you are a group coaching client we meet Thursdays 1-3pm EST via Zoom

GROUP Vs. 1-1?


Q. Do I need group coaching or 1-1?

A. I've created my signature group coaching program "Create Your Authentic Marketing™ Plan" based on years of my own experience building a business online and working with clients who want to take their business online and create passive income.

It's the best of both worlds -- you get a group of super supportive women going through the same stages in their business as you PLUS, "hot-seat" 1-1 coaching during the office hours. If you want private coaching sessions you also have the option to upgrade to a VIP package.


Q. How long will it take me to get a return on my investment?

A. Depends on Y-O-U! I had my first $15,000 launch in just 30 days (after earning barely $2,000 in 2 years with my online business). Once I knew EXACTLY what I was selling and how to authentically market it - I did! It was my "hail mary" moment and I was ALL IN! 

I've designed my coaching program to be completed in 90 days if you devote 15-20hours a week (consider it your new PT job) you WILL have a service or digital product to sell and know how to market it. The longer you take to implement the longer it will take you to make money -- and boy did I learn this the hard way!

How much? 






Q. How much does your coaching cost?

A. "Coaching on Demand" is $750. And is a great introduction to coaching or "maintenance" program for previous clients. My group program is $2,400; including lifetime access to the training modules + private facebook group. 

There is a self-study version of the group program (no group coaching or FB group) for $1,200. And I can pretty much guarantee you it will be the BEST money you ever invest in your biz. At $100 per module it's a STEAL! I'm teaching you what has taken me 2.5 years and over $25,000 to learn on my own!

CAN i upgrade?

Q. My budget is limited can I start with the self-study version and upgrade to the LIVE group version?

A. YES! I don't recommend you keep wasting your time learning for "free". Start implementing my easy to follow, step-by-step lessons and your future self will thank you! I will save you HUNDREDS of hours you could easily spend spinning your wheels. Remember, I've been there done that, got the T-shirt!

If, at anytime you wish to upgrade to the group coaching calls + facebook group you may do so for the difference in price. Note, the program does run in 90 day increments so you will have to wait until the next live version starts. Tentatively late Feb. to early March 2017.


Q. There are so many different kinds of business coaches, what makes you different?

A. #1 I've been 100% self-employed for 11 years. I know what it takes to grow + build a sustainable, profitable business.

#2 I'm 1000% committed to being a Soulopreneur, if I don't LOVE it I don't DO it! I've created my DREAM JOB 3x now in 3 different industries and biz models. I follow my heart and help you follow yours.

#3 I don't just coach you on what to do to market your biz. I give you step-by-step video tutorials on HOW to actually do it yourself without needing a VA. But if you do I've got you covered.... my team and I can implement ANYTHING we teach you FOR you so you don't have to get bogged down with the tech and can stay in your zone of genius.

#4 I'm in recovery for Shiny Object Syndrome. I know you're pain. I've been where you ARE and I can help you recover too.

#5 I love my clients. I really do. I will do everything I can to support you and share YOUR message. I always choose love over fear and I help you do the same!

What's your story?













Q. What makes you qualified to be a biz coach?

A. I'm a seasoned Soulopreneur!

I started my custom wedding invitation business in 2000 while working as a Sr. Graphic Designer for Motor Trend Auto Shows. Once I got pregnant with my daughter, I had been building my "side biz" for 5 years and could replace my salary and tell my boss to TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!

My husband has been self-employeed since I met him and I've done design work for his business. The Slike household LIVES + BREATHS ENTREPRENEURSHIP we could never stand working for anyone else, so we don't. It's in our blood. We were born to do this. And our daughter (she's 10) has plans to open a Vet Clinic with all her friends because well that's what you do you create your DREAM JOB! And that's what I help YOU do!

I began my direct sales business 7 years ago for "extra money" (for pre-school + dance tuition) and quickly surpassed my design business income and so I closed my design studio in 2010. Only doing graphic design for friends + family who begged.

My direct sales business is where I fell in love with coaching women to start + grow a business. 

Now, at Julia Slike & Co. I get to marry my love for coaching + design/branding/marketing. It's my zone of genius --- helping you authentically brand/market YOUR business is MY business!

Are you Legit?





Q. How do I know this isn't just a fancy website and you're business isn't as successful as you make it look online?

A. You can see my Soulopreneur journey in my blog! There is #noshameinmygame because I ALWAYS #keepitreal. I may be a "slow starter" but I'm finally creating significant income with my online biz and I know it's only UP from here. I help my clients create a ROCK SOLID foundation to grow their online business + income, so their business can work 24-7 and they don't have too #makemoneyinyoursleep.

I am also a "Get Gutsy" Certified Coach.

Q. I love your website, is this something you can help me with?

A. Of course! "Websites that Woo" is the last module of my group program (because a fancy website is the LAST thing you need to start making money online) and I'll teach you how to create your own gorgeous Square Space website. This is also something Julia Slike & Co. can do FOR you starting at $497 for a basic website.