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NOTE: If you just signed up as VIP and paid $50, you don’t have to upgrade to VIP again in teachable when prompted — we will manually add it to your dashboard. If you did NOT sign up as VIP and you would like to you can do so when you register in teachable!


Please make sure you keep your eye out for our emails our stories at for class news + updates.

Note: we will use #BrandYourInstagram in all our emails so you can search for them.

If you signed up for the $50 VIP upgrade, you will get a personal invite to the Facebook group | community and office hours!!!

If you sign up for the self-study version you will have until March 104th to complete the course on your own. If you sign up for the $50/5-week group coaching option you will have until March 31st to complete the course with Julia + Kir's help! Bonus: You also get to keep the (VIP only) facebook group ‘‘student lounge’’ access going forward.

You will only have access to the course for the period of time you signed up for.

Once your time is up, so is your access to the course classroom in teachable.
You DO NOT have ‘‘lifetime’’ access to Brand Your Instagram or any future updates.
You will be invited to beta-tester-only exclusive pricing in pre-launch.

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