Are you a DIY Bootstrapper?


So about this time last year I launched my first course (to a different niche) and it was pretty much a FLOP! I attributed it to the fact I may have been out of alignment with the content. But now I think it's because I didn't have a proper plan. 

See, I hired a coach for the tune of $2,000 to help me plan my launch of it. I mostly wanted her to help me create my opt-in for it and the launch sequence emails to send out because I knew she launched before. I took 2 of her courses!

I wanted someone who had done it before to show me the ropes and shorten my learning curve.

All I really wanted to know was how to communicate to my tribe during the launch. I believe it was about 30 days AFTER I launched that said coach gave me a spreadsheet with the subjects matters for which I should have crafted my emails. It was "coming" and I got tired of waiting so I did it my way which didn't work. 

Maybe her's would have I don't know she never checked in with me to ask and I kind of threw the project out the window. I was over it, can you relate?

And a few weeks ago I was listening to the Get Gutsy podcast and Jenna from You Can Brand was being interviewed. She was talking about launching her first course for FREE and how she has grown it to a six figure product and I was intrigued!

Fast Forward

I signed up for her course The Course Launcher and I couldn't be more thrilled with her course or the leadership she provides within it! So I'm wrapping up week one which means I'm supposed to be wrapping up my market research survey.

My goal is to get 100 surveys to pull my data from so I'd love for you to help me out and give me your feedback here!

I've got 31 to go! 


If you're an online coach wallowing about the success of your "peers" and wondering why you're not making any money yet but THEY are then keep reading this is for you!

But first let me also tell you I'm a "new" coach myself. And by new I mean I've been "in business" a whole year (this time last year I launched my first live course "Direct Sales School") now and earned a whole freaking gross of.....


A 2012 studied reported here says the average full-time coach earned $83k while the part-time coach earned $26k. I've started conducting my own anonymous survey for research so please fill it out as I can't wait to share my findings with you!

I've had just 5 paying clients....

1. who fired me after the 3rd session
2. who I had to track down for a $150 payment
3. who I'm not even coaching just doing design edits
4. was 1 of 2 people signed up from my All About Opt-ins course in March
5. my dream client, Michele Julian (who was my practice client in coach training), who said she'll never ever work with another coach because what comes out of my mouth is like gold.... or that I'm the only person in her life that doesn't tell her what to do or not to do.... or that our coaching sessions are pure magic...

I GET IT, I've also been on the floor crying buckets wondering
• when is this coaching business ever going to take off!?
• where the hell are all these clients I know I'm meant to serve
• why do I even want to be a coach it's so hard and I wanted easy!
• how much do I have to envision/vision/manifest before it "works" and the worst
• why did I buy courses like I was playing a damn slot machine... 2k pull, 2k pull, 2k pull.....
• how could me trying to get us ahead get us so behind

My husband looked at me and said when are you ever going to make some money from this coaching stuff (and stop spending it)!?

2 months later I manifested my VA, photographer and website designer and 2 months after that I launched my website with my new offers which was awesome, but still wasn't bringing home any bacon.

Since I spent all of 2015 waiting for my 10k month (and by waiting I mean I didn't really have a strategic plan other than selling my ever changing coaching packages). I was enrolled in 4 group programs and worked 5 months with 1-1 coaches. I only did 3 list (successful but small) building activities. I was ALL over the place yet really getting no where fast. So I blamed it on "the sales call"... FYI...

My sales conversion rate is 0%!!!!

Ok, now you know a little about me and why I'm qualified to tell you why YOU aren't making any money honey ;)

So Q1 wasn't as productive monetarily as I wanted it to be....
• my grammie passed away in Feb (want to blog about that because my mom now things I can add "death doula" do my coaching toolbelt)
• march I went on a relaxing 7 day cruise with my hubby
• my iMac almost DIED and I was computerless for 2 weeks 

I was sucking myself into my own little pity party. I knew I had to make a shift but I wasn't sure what it was. I was feeling like something was "off" with my messaging. And when you're message is "off" it's really hard to tell people how you can help them or know if you even can.

I could choose to feel like a failure, a fraud, a looser it would be so easy to say. YEP, that didn't work back to selling bags for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong I love my other business but I really don't want to be 80 years old and still booking thirty-one parties!!!

But I choose differently.

I'm so proud of where I have come from. Those days as a "newborn" online I didn't know ANYTHING. I was so overwhelmed, confused, frazzled, paralyzed, it was the worst but I persevered. 

According to this article 90% of online business fail within the first 4 months. Which I believe. Quitters never win and winners never quit! 


But there was ONE thing I was missing.


At first I thought it was my sales conversations so I spent several months educating myself on them and getting coached, but I think the real gap is I didn't have a "Sexy Signature Offer" as I call it, that I could really stand behind 1000% -- because while I do have such an offer it's going to take a really special client to rise up to it. And if you're curious and feeling like now is your time to go big or go home -- email me we can talk about it. So I had to ask myself...

Who exactly do I help?
How do I help them?

And then I had a coaching call with my mentor, Jenny and it all clicked. She said "girl, you need to have faith and hustle!" And my first thought was that's a great name for my podcast. And she encouraged me to switch my biz model from just coaching to a full service marketing agency model which I LOVE and totally resonated with me!

Which is awesome now what? 

I need a plan.

And what does every plan need?

It needs action!!!!

P.S. I have this coaching dialog in my head a lot... do you?

So I picked up my computer friday, plugged it in saturday (as much as I tried to wait to monday) and went to work. I asked myself....

What's one thing I can do today to move my biz forward?

BAM! That summit I've always wanted to do!!!

Ok, well first I need to ask my mentors if I can interview them and then that became like a 10 step process (yes, I'm documenting it and will share when it's all done). And Saturday I sent 19 emails and held my breath. 

• What if they don't want to talk to me?
• What if I'm not "big" enough for them to contribute to my audience?
• What if they think I'm just trying to get them to pimp me to their list?
• What if they're too busy?

And that mean girl in my head was starting to get rowdy and I had to tell her to shut up because I'm going to be a 2%er! I'm going to do the work that most people aren't willing to do and I'm going to make this business work because I am. And I'm going to get to the bottom of how people REALLY build an empire online. The ones who are walking the talk now but can remember their "crying on the floor can I really do this moment", and I'm going to share it with you!

So I decided on the name "Faith • Heart • Hustle" and it will debut in June. And even more exciting is that yesterday my first 2 bad-ass business building mamas said yes and booked their interview. Just got another one today, make that 3!!!!

So that's what happened when I canceled my pity party for 1 and made a plan and got into ACTION. I'd love to help you do the same!

This my friend is why YOU are stuck.

You are standing there having a pity party for yourself and when you do that you're not taking action, not having faith, not listening to your heart, just the mean girl in your head.

These people that you envy... They are in MOTION...


They're hustlin (or have systems that hustle for them) with faith and heart in their business.


You need to wrap that up! Lights on. Party over.

Have faith that you were put on this earth to do more than pay bills and die. Desire comes from the word disciple. You are here because God has a bigger plan for you, your family, the lives that you touch and he can't do his work if you don't do yours. 


I'm sorry your list is too small.


So this gal called me yesterday, she wanted to see if we were a fit for an interview series she was hosting. 

I was a little excited! No one ever asked to interview ME before and as a podcast junkie I freaking LOVE interviews. I am learning SO MUCH from listening to really savvy people have conversations with really savvy people.

She told me....jpg

In fact as I write this Thriving Launch is playing in my headset.

She complimented my brand + message and asked me to tell more about myself. Note to self.... if someone wants to interview or you want to interview them read their blog, stalk them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Persicope. Know who you want to interview don't waste your time or theirs "getting to know" them. 

Now I didn't know anything about this gal because her email signature had no info (weird). So then she asks me "How many people are on your list?". I proudly say...

1,000 on one list
+ 200 on another


Yea, we're not a match then because I have a minimum requirement of 3,000 people and most of the people I'm interviewing have 20,000-40,000 on their list."

I'm damn proud of that list of 200!

And if you have a list even smaller you should be proud too! These are REAL PEOPLE who have stepped up and said YES! I like what you have to offer, I want to be part of your tribe. No ones journey, experience or expertise is any more or less important because of the number on their list.

We ALL start somewhere. 

I believe that we all have something to share...

and benefit others and should never-ever-ever suggest someone as "not being enough". My friend Megan Hale has made a whole business around helping women believe in their enoughness!

Jenny Fenig taught me "acknowledge and validate". I find this happens often, other coaches insult the very people they are trying to impress. I think this whole situation could have played out favorably in one of two ways.

#1. She could have stated in her email or phone message to me she had a min. requirement for participation (which is just total ICK factor to me, but I know someone is out there teaching it, and that's a whole 'nother post to write about) and respected her time and mine.

#2. She could have used it as an opportunity to have a brief friendly conversation with me since we were both on the phone. I tried to engage with her about her marketing strategy with this (because I'm always coming from a place of genuinely wanting to help people) but she quickly clammed up and said she had someone helping her with that. I found it even more odd that she doesn't even have a WEBSITE!!! And then I realized she completely judged me by the size of my list. Once she knew that she had no desire to have a conversation with me.

So I'm wondering...

Do you have list shame?

Has someone shamed you for the size of your list?


If you want my 29 BEST tips to grow your tribe and list check out this!


Are Business Cards Outdated and Over-rated?

Do you have a business Card?


I haven't designed one yet for my coaching biz and I can't decide if I even want too....

I have a pile of them in my desk, a binder of them when I was more organized, but unless it's someone I meet at an event and really want to connect with (at which point we are already friends on FB) I really have no need to be a business card hoarder anymore.


These are some of my cards in the past. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS put a photo on my card and if you're going to do I think you should too.

But this summer I switched to digital business cards!


1. Because Red Stamp makes it so darn easy-peasy to whip up

2. Because when someone says "do you have a card" I can say "yes, it's digital! What's your number I'll text it to ya right now!"

And then....

I have their # and can follow up with them AND when I do they'll see my biz card and remember who I am!