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18 reasons I joined Crowned Free...

Wahoooooooo! Today is the day a brand new business in a box showed up at my front door.

While I love marketing ''out of the box''... 

I believe wise business women build a business they BUY in a box!

Seriously! Where else can you start your very own online boutique with adorbs clothing, jewelry + accessories for $199!!!!!! And when I started my Thirty-one biz (back in 2009) it was only $99!!!!!! Would you even believe me if I told you I 5000%-ed my ROI!? As in over my lifetime I've earned 5000x what I paid for my starter kit. 

To be honest In 4 years with my coaching business startup + investments, I've just tipped the scale of breaking-even..... as in .10% ROI!!!!!

Let me say that again. 

It's taken me 4+ years to make 10% of what I've invested which means I'm 90% in the hole. Yea, I said it... I'm an online business coach teaching people how to make money --- that doesn't make money hahahah. Oh the irony!

BUT, I had a breakthrough today around this when talking to my SOUL SISTER and biz partner, Michele Julian when she said....

     You don't teach people because you did it right....
     You teach them because you F'd up
     And they're not going to make the mistakes you did.

     You've been in business for 18 years!

     Why did you start your own business?

             Me: so I could work from home with my kids

     And you've done that!
     And you make money right?

            Me: well, yah.... but not from coaching.

     But you make money from thirty-one.
             Me: yah, but I don't even do anything to make that money

     Um, what?
     So how do you make money without working?

 Me: Well, I have a team!

     OK. So you had to work to build that team.

             Me: not really it kind of just happened

     So it came easy to you?

             Me: yah!

     Because you were just sharing. You were passionate about something and you shared it with people.

             Me: well, yah.

     So it was so easy you didn't even feel like you were working?
     And now you have a team built that makes your income for you.

     See! You know how to make money!

So, I was telling myself a STORY that I'm a biz coach that doesn't know how to make money -- when in reality it's quit the opposite!

And, I've also decided that I'm not going to be ashamed of my journey! And I'm not going to shrink as an online biz coach. I KNOW what it takes to build a biz online and I'm not going to stop before I 10,000% my ROI! And I'm going to be even more transparent as I take you on the journey with me. I have nothing to hide -- I'm only here to help YOU!

Michele always reminds me... I'm not rich because I don't steal from people, lol! And that I have so much to teach people about business that it was hard for me so it can be easier for them because I'm a really good teacher and I really care about my clients.

I'm also not going to be ashamed of partnering with now, ANOTHER direct sales company when I'm already actively working/promoting Thirty-One + MONAT.

Because ya know what... I'm DAMN SMART! And I give myself good advice. And I know what works for me. And I also know that tomorrow I can change my mind about any decision I make today. Maybe I'll stay ''married'' to Thirty-One forever... maybe I'll ''retire'' after 10 years (next May)... maybe I'll run dual direct sales businesses maybe I go full time with Crowned Free.... maybe I run it as a passion project + hobby.

Here's the thing.

I don't have to DECIDE. Unless company policies change and I do, hahah!

I can do whatever I want.
My business doesn't have to look or be a certain way.
That's why I'm my own boss!

I tell my students/clients all the time...

#1 You're the BOSS
#2 There are no RULES

So there ya have it! I'm the boss and there are no rules so I'm going to PROUDLY share the products and opportunity Crowned Free has to offer.

So let me tell you the reasons WHY I chose to partner with Crowned Free...


💗  1 // FB ad in my messenger - savvy at marketing, got my attention #nailed it

💗 2 // Great Graphic design - branding is obviously important #nailedit

💗 3 // Heidi, the owner - I actually had a messenger convo with HER not a chat bot and then we got on the phone and had a great conversation

💗 4 // The Cause - while human trafficking hasn't affected me personally I know it's a REAL + BIG problem and I want to help people

💗 5 // 15% of sales (i think) go to fight #HumanTrafficking

💗 6 // Survivors make 50% (i think) of the products

💗 7 // Love at first sight - these clothes + accessories are SO my style

💗 8 // I wanted everything on the website

💗 9 // The cami - I need this in black + white

💗 10 // Gifts - great client gifts like this pouch

💗 11 // I've always wanted to have my own boutique

💗 12 // Commission - #duh

💗 13 // I can replace my wardrobe and be a walking advertisement for #3, 4, 5 + 6

💗 14 // Ground Floor - I loved when Thirty-one was a ''baby'' company and I knew everyone at home office and the other leaders. I crave intimacy!

💗 15 // Make a Difference - is their slogan and I feel that I actually have a voice with this company and that I can be friends with the owner not just an ID #

💗 16 // My sponsor is a former Thirty-One Executive Director #awesomesauce

💗 17 // I sold enough in my Thirty-one Flash Sale to pay cash for my kit

💗 18 // I'm going to be the first leader to get to the top of the comp plan

Coach Julia 😘 

p.s. If you'd love to be my biz partner and join Crowned Free with me I'd love to mentor you! You can JOIN HERE or send me an EMAIL HERE!

p.p.s. if you want to check out my FLASH SALE with Thirty-one it's open until friday - you can join the fun HERE!


About Coach Julia - Julia is a mom, wife + multi-business owner, passionate about helping other moms create freedom + flexibility in their business with multiple streams of income through direct sales.... affiliate marketing, info products, courses + coaching. She's been a direct sales biz owner + leader for the past 9 years, earning a FT income and can show you how to build a direct sales career around your busy family!


How I got 20+ new customers for my Thirty-One Business in 2 days!

If you have a product biz or just stuff in your house you want to sell I highly suggest doing a ⚡️ flash sale ⚡️

Just a few days ago, my little VIP group was like 42 people or something I can't even remember it was so small... I know have 27+ new customers (THANK YOU LADIES) and new connections for my biz!


And yet I did all of that in an organic, non-icky, non-sleezy way...because I was just listening to myself and having fun!

I simply decided to host a FLASH SALE.... a limited time sale with crazy savings (check with your companies policies for rules on this) and made a few posts on my personal profile and sent emails to my 1. Coaching List 2. Thirty-One Customer List 3. Thirty-One Team (Present + Past).

People literally came out of the woodwork!

Some who love thirty-one already, some who have never bought it before -- and some who are on my team and now a good deal when they see one, lol! #addictedto31.

In internet marketing we learn to ''build a funnel'', and ''generate leads'' and blah-blah....

and I'm all FOR those SYSTEMS but, I got in business to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!

Because back in the day when barely anyone I knew was an entrepreneur and I made all my income sitting behind a computer designing wedding invitations (which I loved) to make more money I had to SIT MORE behind my computer....
Then thirty-one came into my life when my daughter was 3 (just old enough I could finally ''leave'' her) and to make money I went to peoples houses, helped them and their friends shop... while often drinking wine and eating yummy food while having great conversations. One party people came in their jammies (me too) and did the conga line (I have the video to prove it) it was a BLAST!


I love people!!!!!

I love helping people simplify their life. Our products and our opportunity do that! And I loved not having to sit behind my computer MORE to earn MORE income!


So my point is.... as both a direct seller and an online marketing teacher /biz coach I'm sharing some insight to this experience.... because, I didn't sit down and think....




Honestly, I told 2 friends recently I wanted to join THEIR MLM team (to get the amazing kits they have and start using the products) but I wasn't going to buy the kits until I had that CASH from selling the pile of products I already have.... see I really had no motivation to sell them otherwise, hence the massive stock-pile.

And, I finally didn't care what people thought if I joined 2 more direct sales companies (cuz I already have 3 in my ''tool kit'').

Well, after about 100 new people joined my VIP Group I thought... WAIT! I should be asking them questions upon request and see how we can help each other AFTER the sale. This is my opportunity to begin to build a relationship with them..... this is the funnel thingy, without the funnel! I've spent months mapping out customer journeys and here I just created one on the fly!

So back to wanting to start these other 2 businesses and why I was making a ''cash injection'' with my FLASH SALE to fund them....

I've learned a LOT about building businesses ONLINE and one thing I learned is people should do them DEBT FREE because DEBT SUCKS!

There is also a lot of talk about.... invest the money and it will come back to you, put it on a cc, borrow from a family member, take a loan.... and I've done ALL THAT SHIZ and let me tell you I have massive debt to prove it and I don't like it ONE BIT.

I think people should SELL $HIT to PAY FOR $HIT.

And I think more people should be teaching people this!!!!

Debt is not cool.

Stress is not cool.

Straining your marriage because you make your partner pay all your bills.... NOT COOL!!!!!

Neglecting your kids to work to pay off debt, SUPER NOT COOL!

So what's my point?

I'm not sure, lol! These thoughts just come to me and I just share them --- and I guess that's the point to get you to think about it too.

Follow your fun!

Selling my thirty-one stash to buy some cute clothes (that fights human trafficking) and make-up for my 40-year-old-face (including a FREE $280 professional make-up artist brush set... FEELS FUN to me!

Getting our awesome products in the hands of my new customers feels FUN to me!

Not ''thinking'' about HOW to do business feels FUN to me!

Taking my daughter out for sushi last night and getting as many rolls as we wanted plus dessert (she offered to pay for part, sweet thing) knowing that I just paid for it with the pictures I posted before we hopped in the car.... FUN!

Y'ALL, it is FUN to make money.

And I'm pretty sure my customers in my sale are having FUN spending money (and saving $) with me.

E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y you should have a WAY to make money!!!!

Now, that doesn't mean that everyday you are making money, neccessarily - but it means E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y you have the ABILITY and means to because you have these 2 things...

1. Something to sell

2. Someone to sell it to

So I'm challenging you to to think outside of the box.

Stop doing what you ''think'' you should do, your coach ''thinks'' you should do, your family ''thinks'' what you should do, what the last you tube video told you, you ''should'' do, what that last webinar you attended told you, you ''should'' do.

Forget it all!!!!!!

It doesn't matter. All that matters is you KEEP GOING, KEEP TRYING, KEEP SELLING, KEEP IT FUN and and if you have more than one business don't be afraid of what people think. Sell the stuff that makes you happy and do the work that lights you up inside.

Making money is COOL!

Supporting your family is COOL!

Giving back to others is COOL!

Building a relationship-based business is COOL!

Having the cash to buy from others is COOL!

And most importantly truly caring about your clients + customers is COOL!


So, I'm tickled pink that my Thirty-One Flash Sale has been a success and given me the opportunity to REWARD my loyal customers and create relationships with new ones, that I hope become raving fans for life! And I hope I've inspired you to create your own fun ''cash injection'' with a flash sale!

Recap - why I think this promotion was a success?
💗 I was motivated to take action
💗 I kept it simple (more on that in part 2)
💗 I had fun
💗 I have an online audience
💗 People love to bargain shop
💗 People love thirty-one

That's all.
Have a nice day.



Coach Julia 😘 

p.s. Once the sale concludes I'll do a ''part 2'' post detailing my process + results!

p.p.s. if you want to check out my FLASH SALE it's open until friday - you can join the fun HERE!

About Coach Julia - Julia is a mom, wife + multi-business owner, passionate about helping Soulopreneurs create freedom + flexibility in their business with their Authentic Marketing Plan™ via multiple streams of income through direct sales, affiliate marketing, info products, courses + coaching.

If you would like Julia to help you get focused and have more fun with your business you can email her!