My first cross-promotion give-away

This is so exciting! My friend Amanda (who I met in The Course Launcher) has put together an info packed giveaway, with tips, tricks, and sage wisdom from world-class ladypreneurs (like me).... all about how to SHOW UP and BLOW up in your biz this year!

I'm giving away my Nurture with Newsletters self-study course. Which is an entire module of my flagship course "Create Your Authentic Marketing Plan™". My students RAVE about this module and how much relief it brings them to know once someone joins their list they don't just "sit there".

And because I want to match my effort with yours, when you complete the course you will get a link to schedule a FREE 45min 1-1 Strategy Session with me to revise and edit any of the content you created and give you the next action steps for your marketing plan!

If you're in need, then join us for the Boss Babe Giveaway that's full of this practical blog + biz magic! Click here to enter! (Plus get other juicy goodies...)

In this amazing giveaway, you will learn about: 

  • How to take awesome photos for your blog + biz
  • How to grow and super-charge your email list 
  • How to create a blogging plan that saves you time and energy 
  • How to create a content plan that quick and actionable 
  • How to share your gifts with the power of Pinterest! 
  • How to sell your products + services with honesty, integrity, and creative storytelling
  • How to mindfully market your biz to your ideal clients

ONE lucky winner will walk away with $1500+ of free courses! Think of it like a virtual mastermind with your best-girlfriends (you know...the ones who always dish the best advice!) 

The best part? You'll receive goodies from all the gals once you enter. No one leaves empty's a win-win!

Are you a DIY Bootstrapper?


So about this time last year I launched my first course (to a different niche) and it was pretty much a FLOP! I attributed it to the fact I may have been out of alignment with the content. But now I think it's because I didn't have a proper plan. 

See, I hired a coach for the tune of $2,000 to help me plan my launch of it. I mostly wanted her to help me create my opt-in for it and the launch sequence emails to send out because I knew she launched before. I took 2 of her courses!

I wanted someone who had done it before to show me the ropes and shorten my learning curve.

All I really wanted to know was how to communicate to my tribe during the launch. I believe it was about 30 days AFTER I launched that said coach gave me a spreadsheet with the subjects matters for which I should have crafted my emails. It was "coming" and I got tired of waiting so I did it my way which didn't work. 

Maybe her's would have I don't know she never checked in with me to ask and I kind of threw the project out the window. I was over it, can you relate?

And a few weeks ago I was listening to the Get Gutsy podcast and Jenna from You Can Brand was being interviewed. She was talking about launching her first course for FREE and how she has grown it to a six figure product and I was intrigued!

Fast Forward

I signed up for her course The Course Launcher and I couldn't be more thrilled with her course or the leadership she provides within it! So I'm wrapping up week one which means I'm supposed to be wrapping up my market research survey.

My goal is to get 100 surveys to pull my data from so I'd love for you to help me out and give me your feedback here!

I've got 31 to go!