You don’t have to get in a cab with crazy behind the wheel….But, I did!

Today, I had a dream I was at Wendy’s (we go there a lot #50centfrostys) and offered some dude lift. When he went to get into my vehicle he had a backpack. I searched it for weapons and told him. I couldn’t let him in my vehicle (what was I thinking… I was thinking in my dream) upon which he got mad so I asked him why he didn’t get an Uber. He said it would cost him money. OH WELL.

And, I woke up and then I thought about that time we went camping in Niagra Falls, where there is NO uber. We had seen the falls and the gift shops and were ready to go ‘’home’’. As my daughter is shopping for souvenirs I call a couple cab companies (I’m a bargain shopper) and one will come in 10min and be $20 (i think… I also have CRS--- can’t remember shit).

So as we wait outside for the cab --- all these cabs drive by us asking if we want a ride.

Mr. Type A (aka my husband) wanted me to ‘’call a cab’’, when all we had to do was flag one down. This really nice minivan - looked real clean with it’s sliding doors rolled up and we told him we were waiting for one.

This went on for about 10min.

Me… can’t we just get in one of these?

Mr. Type A… we have to get in the one we called.

So I’m nowhere near type A, BUT I am a rule follower so I don’t disagree that we should wait for the cab we called.

And then we found it.

Something out of a horror movie.

And yet we still got in it?

What. The. Freak.


Me, my husband and 2 kids + 1 crazy as shit cab driver.

I recall there was a bunch of stuff on the front seat that I couldn’t even sit down. I can’t remember if he put it in the trunk, shoved it on the floor, or both.

Later, my husband told me he sat in the back so if the driver attacked me he could attack him from behind -- huh? I swear the conversation went something like that, again #CRS

The guy told us tales of driving his cab out west and sleeping in it because he didn’t want to pay for hotels among other weird ass stories, I can’t remember. I was probably looking around the car making sure I wasn’t going to be touched by anything gross, including the cab driver.

I was dreaming about the nice CLEAN minivan that drove by and we said ‘’no’’ too. We could have NOT been squished into this trash can on wheels. So why were we?

Why didn’t we open the door of the cab take one look inside and say -- Thanks. But no thanks????

Once we arrived at the campground and were completely creeped out we made a plan to go straight to the bath house, and not our RV, as we didn’t want crazy cabbie to know where we ‘’lived’’ he creeped around the campground for 5-10min before he finally left.

Our daughter was mortified by her first cab ride.
Her friend was from NYC so I’m sure she didn’t think much of it.

And right now I’m thinking…. WHY DID WE EVER GET IN THAT CAB!?

And then I’m thinking… where else in my life did I get in the ‘’proverbial cab’’ when I didn’t want to!?

In my dream I knew I didn’t want the Wendy’s dude in my car and told him to get out. But IRL we don’t always take a stand for what feels right.

So, the more I think about this... I love that I was cool with the random dude getting in my vehicle (and how rare that it was actually my vehicle and my wendy's and everything was so clear in my dream like it was really happening) but as soon as he wanted to bring baggage with him I was like NOPE!!!!! Like I can handle people but not their crap they bring with them or something. I'm saying no to the crap --- all at the same time I'll also #MarieKondoing my entire home!

Moral of this story...

1 | Don't take peoples crap 

or let strangers in your vehicle when you're not an Uber driver :)

2 | Don't GET In a ‘‘crazy’’ cab or situation 

you always have the right to CHANGE YOUR MIND!

I always say this…

If it feels wrong,
it probably is.
If it feels right,
it probably is.

It's nudges like this that remind me, it's really important to me to honor what FEELS right. I learned that lesson last June when we put down our Sweet Isabelle and I have a whole future chapter on that -- blog post to come!

Tell me… about the last situation you got into that didn’t ‘’feel’’ right? What did you do? What would you do next time?

Have you had a weird dream lately? I'd love to analyze it!

Coach Julia 😘

p.s. check out this episode on The Holderness Family Podcast about dreams!