Today is my 10th Anniversary with Thirty-one!

Hey I’m Julia the “bag lady” who knew you could make a living for over a decade selling bags

Let’s rewind the clock to May 11, 2019.... I have a thriving custom wedding stationery business and get ALL my clients from bridal shows or referrals.... but Micheals is now making it Trendy to DIY your own invitations and there are a lot more options on the market then when I started love2bcreative and I was tired of sitting alone, behind my computer, all day, everyday.

I had a gorgeous 700 sq ft studio I remodeled with lots of lights in the day but it was dark and scary at night.

And if I needed more income I needed to work more and work late.... and I needed more income, because this was also when my husband had a Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealership —- and GM when bankrupt .

Then one Saturday afternoon I went with my friend Colette and her daughter to the PA Women’s Expo.

The event was a total flop. They never hosted it again, but that day my life would be forever altered.

This event was back when Jon & Kate Plus 8 we’re still together, they were the guest appearance and I think this was their last public appearance before their split.

I half recall wanting to set up a booth there, maybe for birth announcement and I think that’s how I knew about it but I figured I’d go check it out that year before committing to an expensive booth.

We didn’t have much time to look around (it was at the farm show complex) and zipped up and down the aisles. Stopping for some glittery eye makeup (think more glitter less makeup) and a belly dancing lesson.... out 3 yo belly dancing was priceless I have the video buried somewhere.

And then there were 2 bag booths right next to each other —- Maddy Moo and Thirtyone. I didn’t have time to really look I just grabbed a catalog from each lady.

Patti, the thirtyone lady had these little magnetic clothespins with her website in them displayed in a cool bucket (we used to sell). I took one of those too (and for many years made my own “clothes pins”... should get back to that!).

We were off to the cabin for the weekend so we had no time to leisurely walk through all the booths - remember I wanted to check it out to see if it was worth having a booth next year (they never had the event again)..

So I’m here with these 2 bag catalogs and my husband has to leave his business & salary behind — there is NO WAY I can go bag shopping... but I want like everything in the thirtyone catalog.

So I flip it over and I see a bunch of the bags I want in the business starter kit and it’s only $99 — so I figure why don’t I have a party invite my friends to look at the bags to and then I can use the hostess rewards and my commission to buy all the bags I want. I don’t know who this Patti person is so why should my fiends pay HER to shop when they can pay me.

I buy the kit and I’m so excited. It comes just Before memorial day weekend and we were going to the cabin with my best friend — I took the kit with me and I opened it in my closet with her I told her my husband didn’t know about it and he can’t so shush is he coming?

Now we can all laugh about my little bag biz “coming out” of the closet because it was the best financial decision I ever made for our family.

I recall The day I had my party in my studio I put all the bags on my shelves and even printed business cards with my name on them which my husband looked at but never said anything oh crap was I going to be busted when I came home from the party I confessed to my husband I wasn’t just the hostess I was also the consultant.

At the time we thought we were moving to Erie for a business opportunity for him and I was going to do my little bag business with his blessing although turned out that wasn’t our plans and it wasn’t until three years later we moved to Selinsgrove when he bought the Nissan dealership needless to say those three years were my best in my business and my income was a lifesaver.

I couldn’t believe it what started out with me just wanting to buy some bags turned out to be the biggest blessing at a really hard time in our life.

Let me repeat I started my business because I just wanted a bunch of bags and I don’t want to have to pay for them I took my first two mo paychecks And bought everything I wanted in the catalog I couldn’t believe that I was making hundreds of dollars just selling bags.

And then something unexpected happened other people wanted to sell bags too — Before I knew it I was being promoted to director and I had a quickly growing team with me.

And I fell in love not with the bags not with the company but with the people I was helping just like me make some extra money selling bags helping their family being home with their kids when things got a little bit tight.

So today is a celebration of the day I said yes to a lifetime opportunity, having no clue what path and people lay before me and saying yes all over again to the opportunities and people that await.

Once a bag lady. Always a bag lady.

With Love + Hustle,

p.s. I’m hosting a party to celebrate, can you join me!?
p.p.s come hang out with me in my VIP BAG LADIES GROUP

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