When road blocks are really your building blocks & how to get out of your own way!

Are you crystal clear ✨ and focused like a laser beam 🎯 on your desires for your life?

Because, most likely they are going to come to you through your 💸 biz!

And even more likely the only one standing int the way of you and your dreams is Y-O-U! Which is great, because, I'm going to tell you how to get out of your own way. Even better, it's SUPER DUPER simple once you know the trick!

So let me illustrate it with a story...

2 days ago I put together my 2018 price guide for all my services and about 9hrs ago ⏰ I knew EXACTLY which of my 8 (amazeball) services I was going to go ALL-IN on ---- after being back-n-forth for months knowing which was ''the one''.


Energetically I was all over the place launching this, then that and really not knowing which ONE thing to focus on which was bugging the eF outta me, plus I loathe the traditional online launch model.

But last night, about 3am, it became CRYSTAL CLEAR as it struck me like a ⚡️ how I'm going to make my dreams come true 😊 to create the income and 🙌🏼  tribe of raving fans I desire to impact. ----CRAP!---- in the 24hrs it took me to actually write this post I changed my mind AGAIN, after dinner this eve when my husband suggested to NOT offer a life-time membership to The Secret Society. He said google 'tires for life' and you won't want to do it. But it's all good, because now I have an even BETTER offer (at the same price point) that I'm going to roll out as a Thanksgiving/Black Friday Special!!!

How did I get crystal clear?

Well, that is what flow is for... following the butterflies. We do it in love why are we so hesitant to do it in our business? My ideas and inspiration just keep coming like the waves of the ocean. Cheesy but true! But there was a catalyst to my newfound clarity!

Backstory... so, I attended a webinar in April about 👫 adopting from Columbia, it's been on my 💗 ever since. My daughter doesn't want a spanish speaking sister lol and prefers a baby she can grow up with. About that time I also stumbled on an adoption agency I hadn't heard of near philly (I'm in PA) that uses NJ laws which means it's a 3-day waiting period not 30-days to finalize!!! I found out the total fees will come to apx $44,800 and set a money goal to create it.

Then this am I wake up to an email #signs inviting me to a Columbia webinar (because I was on the April one) and I have to think this most certainly is a thoughts-become-things thing...

because I got crystal clear on my desires, so did how I was going to manifest them!

Now, I still don't know if our child is born years ago from a mom in columbia or somewhere in a belly right now in Pennsylvania but what I do know is I'm EMBRACING the journey 👣 every step along the way.

And here is the switch! Here is where everything changes in life and biz... are ya ready for it?

I realized in this situation and several others I was unknowingly playing a VICTIM and not taking an attitude of gratitude and empowering myself. Once I stopped crying ''woe is me'' (I can't get new clients, I can't make more money, I can't loose weight, I can't ________ <---- insert what ever B.S. story you are telling yourself.

When looked for a solution I IMMEDIATELY found it!

For the purpose of this story I shall declare that... 

I'm no longer a victim of my infertility (and many other stories I told myself but that's another post). I'm an empowered woman on a MISSION to grow our family... whatever it takes, however long it takes! The not knowing now is actually exciting now and not disappointment!

Did you hear that!? Not knowing can be exciting not frustrating!!!

STOP PLAYING THE VICTIm in the story of your life.

I could be sad that I'm now ''over 40'' (and have the ovaries of a 50+ year old) and my whole life the only J-O-B I ever really wanted was M-O-M. I could blame my husband for making me ''wait'' to have a baby (both the first time + 2nd time).

And for many years I was SAD and one reason I threw myself into building this online business!

Kinda like business too.... I could be frustrated that it's taking me ''THIS LONG'' (almost 4 years now) because, I haven't replaced the income from my other business yet :/ but whay

Are there places in your life and business where YOU are playing the role of a victim and not an empowered PERSON?

I wasn't ''this woman'' even 1-month ago! A few simple mindset shifts and ka-pow 💥!

I show up EVERY DAY. 

In my life + biz.

Can you imagine.... knowing EXACTLY where all your time-energy-attention is going to go in your biz to yield you the results you desire?

I may not be doing a FB live, or sending an email or all the things I ''should'' be doing to grow + market my biz but what I'm doing is 1000x times MORE effective because I'm growing + stretching MYSELF. And it has a ripple effect!

Every day, I'm showing up to be a better version of me than the day before. And yes there are many days I do the cha-cha 💃🏼 one step forward 2 steps back 😂. But, I love the woman and biz owner I am now and I can not wait to meet the woman and biz owner I will be 10 years from now!

As my mentor Jenny Fenig always says... THE WORK IS THE WAY!

I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for the ''one moment'' that everything changes, but what if the moment it all changes is only after a series of misfortunate events where you decide to shift from ''victim'' to ''empowered'', not a book, not a mentor, not a class, not an overdrawn bank account, not a nothing... just a simple change of your mind?

Here are some of the things I did to turn off my victim switch:
+ I stopped telling myself old stories
+ I stopped playing the story of how it was ''supposed'' to be
+ I embraced my reality
+ I expressed extreme gratitude for everything and anything
+ I started to really believe I can create anything I desire

What if everything you thought was a road-block was really a building block to creating everything you truly desire?

What would you do differently?
How would you feel different?
What would you say different?
What would you think about?
Who would you be with?
Where would you be?
What would you be doing?

Now go do it!

And leave a comment below and tell me about a story where you are playing the victim and what you're going to do to ditch that role...

coach julia 😘

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