Holy Shift.... 225 clients!

I am in complete shock and utter awe!

13 days ago I began my search for beta testers for my brand new marketing course. You may have seen me post it here. 

I had 10 days until class began.

My goal, 100 applications.

I remember PUSHING just to get to 30 (ugh why does Luke, my fellow course launcher classmate, have more than 200 and I "just" have 30!?) NO FAIR!

But I was determined to hit my goal and I wasn't stopping until I did.

I spent an entire week pimping my application.

I invited people to "get out of overwhelm and into action" with me. I could post in one group and get crickets not one bite, but I found one group where I got 80 people wanting more info and a few other groups were people responded. 

I always hear my mentor Cindy Monroe say "If they're not saying yes, you're not asking the right people" when it comes to booking parties. Cindy says there is always somebody waiting for you to ask them and where there is one there is more. 

I've had this idea of a marketing course in my head for 2 years now and I knew it was now or never!!! We were supposed to launch our course by the end of May.

Guess, what? 

School is out June 1st, a half day at that.


How the hell am I going to pull off this course BEFORE school lets out?

I guess I'll just wait, maybe in Sept when she's back in school and I have more time to build my list, then I'll start.

Screw that! I'm going for it.

It's "beta" after all, and it's all an experiment. I KNOW without a doubt what I have to teach people WILL change their business which will change their life. I can't keep it to myself anymore.

The applications keep rolling in.

I hit 100...120...150....170....200 WOAH!!!!! 

I prayed for these people, God led them to me, how could I NOT help them all?

And so I listened to my heart and said "screw it" I'm just accepting everyone. However, this was only after I spent hours, and hours pouring over surveys, there was no way I could get through all of them and I didn't want to miss someone that needed it.

So anyone and everyone that applied was accepted.

With one caveat.... THEY HAD TO DO THE WORK!

If they didn't? I'll kick them out of class.

Class has been in session just 5 days, now. Remember 2 weeks ago I didn't even have ANY applicants and now I have more than 225 ambitious students who want to learn from ME!

I've hear students say things like:
• I was so excited after our office hours I pitched to the Huff Post and was accepted 3hrs later
• I haven't written a blog post since 2012 and I'm so going to do one now
• I'm off to the post office to register my PO Box so I can start sending emails to my tribe
• This is actually FUN you make it so simple
• If I didn't know I was going to get kicked out for not doing my homework I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done it

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with them. We have a freaking FANTASTIC group of business owners.

The VIBE of my TRIBE is off the hook! 

And I can not wait to see what the accomplish in the next 3 weeks and share the surprise I have waiting for them and ONLY them! 

These people are VERY special to me and thank God everyday for bringing them into my life.

I want to encourage you even when it feels like an uphill battle to build your business online to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Listen to those intuitive nudges.

Follow your heart.

Keep the faith.

Keep hustling.

and I promise you...

Your tribe WILL find you!

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