Now Accepting BETA Applications!

I've taken soooooooo many courses in the past 2 years. Like when I actually tell people how many. They are like WOAH!? 

In November, my husband put a moratorium on all coaching + courses... 

when I confessed to him how much the balances on my credit cards were from said courses and lack of income from "trying to figure it out".

Again, there I get the like WOAH!? Look of all. I seriously thought he might want to divorce me over it --- like that many courses. Fortunately for our marriage, he kept his cool and said. You got yourself into this mess, you're going to get yourself out of it.

And so I went on my coaching detox... until "The Course Launcher" came into my life (dang I was doing so good). I heard Jenna talking on some podcast and I was familiar with her because I had her website bookmarked in my "coaches sites I love" folder from an exercise I did spring 2014 in my FIRST course, Clear Coaches with Susan Hyatt.

In this course I was "promised" to have my own course up and running in 30 days. Which is great because I had an idea I had been sitting on for months some sort of "Marketing Bootcamp" and had put some list building strategies into place for when I was ready to launch it. But that was as far as I got. 

List building.

Something about this course felt so RIGHT I couldn't describe it and I knew "this" was the one! The one that was really going to give me some measurable ROTI. Note: while I don't "regret" all the courses I have taken and the base of knowledge it has given me about designing and marketing an online business, and the relationships. I don't recommend you doing it that way.

Please just get out of overwhelm and into action!

And that is EXACTLY what I am going to teach you step-by-step in MY course!

So I am hard at work putting this course together for you! And for that I want to say:


In less than 5min. I bought my new domain name and started building a website for my course. I suppose I could host it on my site but I've got ooodles and ooodles of pages + folders there it's getting a little hard to navigate.


I'm tickled to have gotten 20 applications so far!

I pray that God gets this information in the right hands because I know there are people out there that once they have this info will be ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!  So, I've been doing my work so he can do his! 

I will carefully + personally review everyone's applications and be making final acceptance announcements on Friday, May 6.

Thank you!

p.s. yes hubby found out I bought this course. and no he does not believe me that "this" is the one. He says my priority is to keep selling bags, hah!