Are Business Cards Outdated and Over-rated?

Do you have a business Card?


I haven't designed one yet for my coaching biz and I can't decide if I even want too....

I have a pile of them in my desk, a binder of them when I was more organized, but unless it's someone I meet at an event and really want to connect with (at which point we are already friends on FB) I really have no need to be a business card hoarder anymore.


These are some of my cards in the past. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS put a photo on my card and if you're going to do I think you should too.

But this summer I switched to digital business cards!


1. Because Red Stamp makes it so darn easy-peasy to whip up

2. Because when someone says "do you have a card" I can say "yes, it's digital! What's your number I'll text it to ya right now!"

And then....

I have their # and can follow up with them AND when I do they'll see my biz card and remember who I am!