How My Daughter's First Plane Ride is Like My Online Entrepreneurial Journey!

I love everything about this photo!

God painted the sky with the dawn of a new day...

She's in awe of her new adventure.... her first plane ride ️.

Wondering if it will be fun, or scary.

Nervous to step foot from ground to plane and looking at that tiny little gap at the ground below...

"I wanna go back!",  She says "I don't wanna get on the plane!"

I said, "Sweetheart, it's the fastest way to Texas we're getting on the plane."

She got to see the cockpit and meet the pilots who told her there would be some "bumps" in the road and she would be safe, they've done this a lot (something like 50,000 hours between both of them).

Half way there she said, "This isn't so bad" and when we hit some turbulence at the end she didn't get scared she said "That was fun like a ride."

And after we landed the pilot said we "avoided weather activity" and were rerouted (which added a little time).

And this is soooooo much like online entrepreneurship!

  • We look at the plane and know it has EVERYTHING we need to get us where we want to go even if we're not sure how it all works (the ground crew, the flight crew, the captain, the co-pilot, the plane its self) and exactly how we get there. But we get on the plane and go and don't doubt we won't get there.... funny how when it comes to our biz we don't know the how and then we freak out and tell ourselves all these lies... Who am I to charge for this? Why would someone listen to ME? Why am I an expert? I don't have formal training, I've done something else for so long...


  • We are afraid to get on the plane. (i.e. get out biz OFF the ground)


  • We are afraid to leave the security of 2-feet on the ground for the uncertainty of "what if the plane doesn't land?" (The plane will land just as your biz will fly if you don't EVER quit.)


  •  Sometimes we hit a rough patch (of weather) and have to take a detour... a longer trip than expected --- and boy isn't that true online we think we should make money, lots of it and really fast (I believe very few people do it this way)!!!!!


  • There are going to be bumps in the road but we buckle up and hang on!


  • We become an expert by putting in the time and gaining experience to get to a level of "mastery" in our field. I did the math 50,000 hours is 2,000 hours a year (40 hours @ 50 weeks) divided by 2 (pilots) is about 10 years of work! 


  • It's cheaper to take a car to Texas.... It would also take us 6 days just to get there and back (instead of 6 hours both ways). As in biz you pay with time OR money, honey! 


  • 80% of a planes fuel is used for take-off i.e.) it takes the MOST effort to get your plane OFF the ground but once you are in the air it's easy to cruise or course correct.


And just like your first plane ride (or any ride if you hate flying period) your business is a little bit scary, a little bit fun, you don't know HOW your getting there (in the air or online, duh) you just know if you get in the air bus or online you will get to your destination. 


And when you finally LAND it feels like such a relief.

You are here because your biz is meant to take off!!!!

I am your co-pilot here to help you .


You were designed like a plane because you are meant to soar  #doitscared #faithhearthustle


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