I know it's nothing impressive but for me it is! I'm no six-figure earner by any means and in fact, I haven't earned a single dime in my business this year and well let's not talk about last year that's a whole nother blog post in itself.

But here's what I do know in the past six days I've grown my email list by 25 people and I've put myself out there. I have been visible every single day! In fact, my new banner for my Facebook page has gotten me five website clicks and three new sign up in just two days.

Again nothing to write home about, but for me this is huge! This is organic traffic coming to a page which people say doesn't get seen anymore and these people are inviting me into their inbox. I"m so grateful for the opportunity to share everything I have learned about online marketing in the past two years, not to mention what I know from being a solopernueur for over a decade now.

The point is I have made more traction in one week then I have made in months at a time... because I'm not hiding, I'm not playing small anymore, I'm embracing who I am (a "brand-new" coach) and I've made a plan and I'm sticking to it because my plan is flexible.

I know I'm Periscoping every day and I can't tell you what time because I don't know. I run this business pretty much by following my soul and it's my mission to inspire, coach, train and teach you to run a business that allows you to follow your soul and work with less hustle and more heart.

One thing I learned is to stop listening to others and start listening to myself. I am an expert and I can make good business choices. I can be very strategic and I don't need a six-figure coach to hold me accountable or give me a plan. A year ago when I hired my first one-on-one coach, I was absolutely so freaking lost, confused and overwhelmed! I remember being so panicked that I would spend a whole day doing nothing. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. I kept the faith, I kept moving forward, I got a plan and now I'm doing it.  No more self-sabotage, no more self-doubt, I am trusting the process and being open to those who can relate to me.

Are you:

  • Trying to get your first subscriber?

  • Your next subscriber?

  • Your first opt-in?

  • Next opt-in?

  • First service?

  • Next service?

  • A form of passive income?

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