I Ain’t Got Time for Your Slime!

I have been studying Sales & Marketing pretty intensely the past 6 months.  I learned ...



1  [sur­vis]  


1. an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.

When I am doing “Sales” I am coming from a place of genuine love. A love for people, a love for 

my product a love for my company, a desire to want to help people. Our company has a saying 

like this...

Our Products offer a Solution for Living
Our Opportunity offers a Solution for Life!

And I believe this with all my heart. This makes it SO EASY to do my job. Sales from the heart is 

Sharing and Caring... but have you ever ran smack dab into a “Slimy Salesperson”?


I just did today from the comfort of my own home.

It was gross and icky and my inner wisdom started flashing honking red siren — wow, intuitionthat’s a whole ‘nother post — and I felt so betrayed by her Sales process. THIS is what gives sales a bum rap. 

We had our 60min complimentary call in which she said how much she wanted to “help me”  

and asked lots of questions that made me feel like an idiot and then said...

“I have a solution for you if you would like to hear it” so I reply “Sure, if you’d like to share it”

She proceeds to tell me about her “8 weeks Intense Immersion” starting next week. I said well that timing doesn’t work for me because I start an intense 6-week program next week {Shout out here to Kendrick Shope and her Sales School} — that’s when the energy REALLY shifted and 

she gruffs...

“I don’t think Sales is your problem – it’s not what’s holding you back... if you think that’s what’s going to attract more people to your team, GO FOR IT!” 

(Keep in mind I did tell her my team sales were down 50% the past month from previous months while my team size remained the same).

The painfully unpleasant conversation continued and ended with “Well, good luck to you and your biz!” Which you know is kinda like flipping someone the bird over the phone.

Lessons learned:

• listen to YOUR inner wisdom

• get curious not befuddled

• listen wholeheartedly to your perspective client

• don’t insult your perspective client

• don’t insult decisions they have already made

• do provide value for their time (don’t just pitch)

• keep the door open for future work together

• have proof in the puddin’

So Tell me....

What does this word mean to you? Sales

P.S. You can find a great Homemade Slime recipe here!