How to Find LOVE

I stumbled upon this touching video (you know those darn rabbit holes on FB) -- got me thinkinghow great would it be for us all to have a little "About Video" for ourselves to share with our future generations?

And then I recalled a my Uncle wrote, printed + bound a book preserving my Grammie's life - it's VERY special, a piece of our heritage documented forever. We even have video of her as a young girl -- and she's 93! -- which is even more rare and special.... after all, I only learned about the internet + email when I was a freshmen in college and my grandmother had home movies!

So I wondered... What would MY video look like?


What would your video look like?

Who would be in it, what would you be doing, where would you be filming, who would you want to see it? What would you want to be remembered for?