Do you Journal Daily?

For 8 months I have been in Elena Lipson's Divine Self Care Circle.....and in that time I have written only 7x in this journal (seriously!!!!!!!) 

She's been teaching me how to SLOW DOWN find my center and reconnect to God/Universe and I have been oh so stubborn. 

One of these tools is daily journaling -- so I want success personally & professionally -- I know the tools to get me there...... But I don't do them and then I wonder why I'm not successful......

Can you relate!!?? 

So yesterday I set the intention to be a present parent and today I am setting the intention to sit in my "happy place" as my daughter calls it when I am home and journal everyday even if it's just in my 5 minute Journal. Which by the way is VERY cool. I even signed on my first coaching client when I started using it and setting intentions!

While sitting here today I had an amazing coaching call with Dr. Yules and we looked at my intentions and the one I set yesterday and why I write. One reason is to share my past with my daughter from my words when I was her age -- my daughter only writes when she is angry and Dr. Yules suggested that we write together.... in gratitude about our day so I'm going to do that too!

What intention are you setting today?