Do you believe Everything Happens for a Reason?

Here is a prime example...

Last week I wasted a whole day crying, pleading and feeling like a total failure as the mom ~ like if being a mom was a paid job I’d be fired for the umpteenth time.

As a “SAHM” it’s my joy + honor to be the primary care­giver of my child. When my annual Thirty­One Conference rolls around I have to bestow that responsibility to someone else... typically my mom (what would we do without our mama’s!). Let me skip to the point.

I planned to send my daughter and our “fresh air child” to Girl Scout Camp this week. It would be great life experience for them to share AND it gave me “child care” for 2 kids for a whole week, score!

Tuesday nite I realized.... “OMG, I never registered them for camp (which starts Sunday),” ran down to my computer checked the website... 20 spots open (phew) .... registration nowclosed ... (WHAT!?).  I go to bed feeling completely sick to my stomach.

I make some phone calls in the am to 3 different people. They all tell me “I’m sorry the system is closed there is no way to add them” ... WHAT DO YOU MEAN SYSTEM CLOSED, WHO RUNS THE FREAKIN’ SYSTEM!!!?? How could I snooze + loose?

What a let down for the kids, what a pain for ME how am I going to get childcare for 2 kids at the last minute ... when only 3 people in the world are approved to care for them... myself, DH + my mom... remember I said we are hosting a “fresh air child” so she can’t be left with anyone “not prior approved”. I literally just shot myself in the foot.

My coach, Susan Hyatt, bless her heart talked me through it during our Clear Coach call that day and I came to grips with it... there HAD to be a reason I kept telling myself.

And then the next day my MIL’s sister (and ONLY sibling) passed away   Her viewing was yesterday.... the funeral today! Wow!

I now know my daughter was meant to be with her grandmother and not at camp... and when we hugged Grammy good­bye today I held her extra tight and she whispered in my ear .... 

“Thanks for bringing the girls today, it made it a little easier to get through the day having them here!”

And my heart melted. THAT is why I forgot to register them for camp!

I’d love to hear about a time in your life “everything happened for a reason”... tell me about it...

love, live, give, inspire!