Are you a present parent? or Do you spend more time with your phone than your child(ren)?

Pumpkin is going to 4th grade today..... I remember 4th grade it was a great year I hope hers is too - and now mama is going to work her TAIL off b/c there will be NO working after she gets off the bus ever again. I'm getting my priorities straight and living my life in alignment....... Starting today!


You see last night we had a conversation we have had many times and it breaks my heart. My daughter thinks her parents like work more than her. She's even told me she loves the cat more than me because she's always there for her.

Mom, I know you say you love me but I know you don't really.

I don't want my daughter to feel more love from the cat (sweet as she is) than from her mom!!!

I choose to go to school for graphic design because I knew it was a career I could always do from home and that served me well til she was a toddler and I switched to direct sales full time.

Now, I'm finding my calling as a business & online marketing coach and it's pulled me away for the past 18 months from the 2 people I love most. They don't get it (and if you're building a biz around your family you know exactly what I'm talking about).... building a biz you believe in with all your heart while the people you live with sees is pulling you away from them is gut wrenching.

I do what I do so that I can put her on the bus and get her off and be there for her whenever she wants me not when I make myself available. And I really want to know my daughter, be present for her, listen- really listen to what she has to say and not be distracted or thinking about work.

Not to have my phone or iPad in my face when she is home or be "down in my office". In a blink she is going to be grown up and going to college and I don't ever want to say..... "I wish I woulda worked less and got to know my daughter more" I don't want her to feel like I'm always working - it breaks my heart that she thinks my work is more important than her. To me there isn't ANYTHING more important than raising a confident girl who feels fully loved and cherished by her parents and grows up to be a confident woman who fully loves, cherishes and is fully present for her own children.

So I'm declaring right here right now to put my daughter before my work. I want her to forget mama even has a cell phone or iPad so that she can look back at her childhood and say...

My mom was ALWAYS there right when I needed her. I was the most important person in her world (besides daddy).

So I will close with these words my little girl muttered 2 years ago and I have written on a sticky note in my kitchen sink window...

We have to be off our phones. We miss the things going on around us when we are on them.

What are you going to declare to do starting TODAY to be a more present parent?