My First Fun Friday 2015

Last year my coach Susan Hyatt challenged me to have "Fun Friday"...

I don't have time for fun! I thought.

I'm to busy building the life of my dreams to stop and have FUN. And so I didn't I.... work. work. work. research. research. research. learn. learn. learn. and fall through a bazillion rabbit holes on Facebook and google.... that was what I have done for about the past 7 months.

Today, we missed the bus (again) and as I was driving home from school I heard the St. Jude telethon commercial on as I'm on my way to meet a biz partner to give her a pep talk at Dunkin Donuts before her first home party tomorrow eve. 

Sad as the story is I can't even reach to pounce the "scan" button and flip the channel. I listen to a father tell a story of his daughter with a brain tumor (This is also just days I read the chapter in the book Get Gutsy where my coach Jenny Fenig tells the story about her sister dying at age 12 from a brain tumor) and that....

She would never take her last breath, until she did.

As I'm crying like a (very hungry) baby a herse drives past me with a casket with flowers on it.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Come on now, how many times does a herse drive by you, especially when you are crying about death!?

When I got home my good friend and amazing "cleaning lady", Dawn was working outside... in the rain. I of course have clients to follow up with, biz partners to celebrate, homework for courses. And I'm thinking of all the stuff I should be doing until the bus comes to deliver the light of my life - who is alive and well and not fighting for her life like the little girl in the commercial or my coaches book. I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. I feel the wet cold rain drops getting stronger and I say to Dawn...

It's Fun Friday! Come on I'm taking you out for your Birthday lunch!

The sad part here is her birthday was in Dec!!!!!! But, we can't cry over spilled milk. And I'll never forget my friend, Brenda, who passed away before we ever got to our "lunch date". Time slipped away and I always regret not seeing her again. So that's always in the back of my mind.

All we have is TODAY and the choices we make now.

So we headed downtown to the Kind Cafe, one of my fave spots in town (okay it may be the ONLY spot in town to really go) and grab some delicious turkey, cheddar, apple panini's and we TALK and enjoy each others company. No phone calls, no screens in our faces, no distractions just really enjoying the moment (the last time we did this was for her birthday the year prior --- and why do I wait til birthdays to celebrate my friends!?)

Since it's her Birthday and all I suggest next we go to Longhorn and get some chocolate birthday cake (aka Chocolate Stampede made with 7 different types of chocolate) and on the way there we drive past this cute little furniture store I've always "meant" to stop in there but I never have and she says me too.

Well, it's Fun Friday! Let's check it out!

So we walk in and I see this.

Hello Universe!

Ok, maybe all this manifesting stuff is real.

The perfect pink chair was in the front door as soon as I walked in the store!

The perfect pink chair was in the front door as soon as I walked in the store!

You see ever since I decided to start my own coaching biz, I have been driving by this store And  EVERY time I look at it and think "I bet they would have the perfect chair for my office" and I picture it in my office with me sitting on it chatting with clients.

And yes, I will be buying this as a reward when I reach my first biz milestone I have set for myself!

Next stop Chocolate Cake

We were seated back in a section with just one secluded booth. Dawn says "perfect no one will see us devour the cake (which can literally feed 6) we chuckled and then had the most hilarious conversation at which point the waitress chimed in at the perfect time to make it more hilarious.  

Tears of laughter rolled down both of our cheeks.

It felt so good to laugh like that. Gigantic belly laughes.

Could you use a "Fun Friday" or some more fun in your life?

When's the last time you had fun? 

When's the last time you treated a friend to lunch?

When's the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

I wanna know so tell me below!

Love, Live, Give, Inspire!

julia :)