Queen Sweep with me?

Let me tell you about my friend Anna.  She's basically your classic artistic flake.  An absentminded dreamer. Easily distracted by shiny objects.  

AND YET.  Her house is clean. She always has fresh flowers everywhere. Her desk is beautiful. She's in charge of her time and her appointments.  Her bills are paid and she even uses a budget.  She runs a successful business and is a hands-on solo mom to her little girl.  


Anna created a system to keep life organized, clutter-free, and beautiful. Unlike most time management and organizing systems, this one is custom-designed for creative, imaginative, big-idea people. She makes running your life feel like a lovely ritual instead of an awful chore.  

And it WORKS.  (see MY pictures below)

Anna is teaching her signature program, The Queen Sweep, for FREE this spring.  

For 6 weeks, she'll help you clean the clutter out your home, your closet, your wallet,

your calendar, and your energy.  


The Queen Sweep is for you if… 

  • You had 18 brilliant ideas before breakfast…but none of them ever seem to materialize. 

  • You start projects with a huge amount of optimism and inspiration…and get bogged down and depressed by the details. 
  • You’ve ever been embarrassed to have people over because of the clutter in the living room. 

  • Or maybe your front spaces look good, but god help the person who opens the hall closet. 

  • You’re doing doing doing… but you always feel behind, and exhausted. 

  • You don’t know your net worth (assets minus debts) to within a few hundred dollars at any given moment. 

  • You’ve ever bought duplicates of something because you couldn’t find the

If you're ready for more beauty in your life, The Queen Sweep will help you clear out the messes that are keeping you stuck.  Like Anna says, 'before you can make magic, you have to scour the cauldron.' 


Learn more about The Queen Sweep and grab your spot here.

Love. Live. Give. Inspire!