25 tips to succeeding in your online business

I asked 25 Business Owners their BEST tip for marketing a business online. Here is what they had to say!

I asked 25 Business Owners their BEST tip for marketing a business online. Here is what they had to say!

You know that THING that no one tells you that you really wish they did.... like when I had my daughter NO ONE ever told me I was going to have to wear ice packs in my undies (and that I was going to like it) --- Seriously!?

So, I got to wondering as I prepped to launch my new online coaching biz --- what insider secrets could really be helpful to other women starting their biz that no one ever tells them. And my online gal pal Heather Crabtree's tribe had loads of great advice!

1. Bridget Leacy McBratney:  Treat your business like you would your relationships. When you care for your business like you care for a best friend or a significant other, your business will be there to encourage you and support you in your ups, but more importantly in your time of need. Spend quality time with your business TODAY! marykay.com/bmcbratney

2. Caroline Rogers: Start building relationships from the beginning. Networking is such a vital part of business and by building relationships and learning about other girl bosses in biz, it will help you to get your biz name out there and learn from others who have gone through the process. calijaedesigns.com

3. Cindy Badham Laverty: Do your research so you don't have to turn over the control of your business to others who do not share your passion. Before you do one single thing learn as much about your industry and all the components you'll need before hiring anyone. One more thing...create a budget because there are lots of marketers out there who freely tell you to just trust that the money will come. It might...but it might not and you'll be left with huge debt and regret. lionheartedwoman.com

4. Greta Schraer: Do the worst, first. That thing on your task list that clutters your mind... just get it over with and you'll mentally feel confident to do whatever is left! cincynanny.com

5. Jocelyn Michel: Don't be afraid to outsource! Starting a business is hard and it's impossible to do everything yourself. Get help before you think you need it to prevent unnecessary stress! sensiblebusinesssupport.com

6. Judith Martinez: My tip is to be fearless. Starting your own business can be scary so it's important to believe in yourself and what you do. You have to be your own cheerleader. jmeventsdesignfirm.com

7. Julia Slike: Never compare your biz to someone else it's YOUR journey and you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be. juliaslike.com

8. Kaci Lee: Community over competition. justdelightfulevents.com

9. Katell Goasdoué Schmitz: I have a couple 'Accept and respect YOUR process' and 'ambition is indeed costly but exceedingly rewarding'. reverielanedesigns.com

10. Kenesha Williams: Don't be afraid to change course. Sometimes your path isn't the one you set out on, but you need to start on one path to see the other. Remember to revel in the journey and not get too caught up in the destination. You will end up where you are supposed to! creativecolorcollective.com

11. Lauren Black: Don't be afraid to ask for help and direction from those who have paved the way already. Better to ask and learn than to struggle, and usually small business owners are more than happy to share their secrets! LegacyLoft.com

12. Leah Quinn: Stay passionate and humble - know it's going to take work, there's going to be growing pains and some mistakes along the way but it's all part of the journey of growing your business. Always keep the end reward in mind and why you're doing this to stay motivated through the tough times! quaint-inc.com

13. Lindsay Bishop: Don't start your business with debt. Keeping debt out of your business allows you to be selective on who you work with and tailor your clientele to fit your business vision, instead of taking on projects because you need to pay the bills. Save until you have enough to start your business the right way, or start small and hustle a lot! But, being free from debt means being  free from a lot of unnecessary stress that will cause you to make poor decisions. lindsaybishopevents.com

14. Lisa Work: Quickly get your ideas out there.. don't spend too much time getting everything "perfect" - spend your time creating good stuff and get it out in the world quickly.. Ideas expire, so don't let them loose power in the time it takes you to get it all perfect. lisawork.com

15. Meghan Maydel: NOW is important! Not someday. Take action because one day you're going to look back and realize that you should've started when you had the idea because the time will pass anyway and you would be further along in your journey. withmoxieandgrace.com

16. Patricia Talavera:  Write down your goals, then set priorities based on those goals. It's an easy answer to "what should i be doing today?" anything that gets you closer to those goals. sytbiz.com

17. Rosalind Henshell: there can be times when it seems like everything is a uphill battle and it seems like you never make any progress, so be sure to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small it might be. bigthinkingonline.com

18. Rosella LaFevre: If you want to start a business with low start-up costs, focus on selling a service based on a skill or talent you already have. - Rosella LaFevre, Marketing Consultant. rosellalafevre.com

19. Samantha Brook Johnston: There will be ups and downs so be sure to end your day thinking about what went right and the positive things happening in your life and biz so you can start the next day on a positive path neapolitancreative.com 

20. Samantha Lee-Wiraatmaja: Vision. Without vision, our lives don’t move forward. We can keep running, but it’ll keep us running in  circles that go nowhere. Without vision, we leap at any shiny golden opportunity, not knowing that it wasn’t ours to take and that it led us one step further from our destination. godlywomanhood.com

21. Susana Starbuck: Surround yourself with positive people. Find a good support team! The whole reason I started my business was because of a group of ladies believed in me! littleflowerstudios.com

22. Taylor Bradford: Find your tribe of fellow Boss Girls and chat/meet up with them regularly. The support system that you will create for yourself (and for them) for the wins and the hard stuff will be invaluable. And my personal life motto is always roll out your own red carpet and keep your big girl panties pulled up high. I'm a lifestyle blogger (pinkheelspinktruck.com and podcaster bossgirlcreative.com)

23. Thalia Smith: It is ok to go against the grain and step out on faith. perfectlycraftedbyt.etsy.com

24. Victoria Deardorff: Take one tiny step...and then another...and then another...and before you know it, you're turning your dreams into your reality! Stop being afraid! Put your good idea into motion! burghbrides.com

25. Vernita J. Patterson: Pray. Research. Plan. Organize. retiredandlovinit.com

Please share YOUR best tip for success in the comments and if you're looking to get REAL TIME advice from a seasoned coach you can apply for one of my FREE COACHING SESSIONS here.

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