You don’t have to get in a cab with crazy behind the wheel….But, I did!

Today, I had a dream I was at Wendy’s (we go there a lot #50centfrostys) and offered some dude lift. When he went to get into my vehicle he had a backpack. I searched it for weapons and told him. I couldn’t let him in my vehicle (what was I thinking… I was thinking in my dream) upon which he got mad so I asked him why he didn’t get an Uber. He said it would cost him money. OH WELL.

And, I woke up and then I thought about that time we went camping in Niagra Falls, where there is NO uber. We had seen the falls and the gift shops and were ready to go ‘’home’’. As my daughter is shopping for souvenirs I call a couple cab companies (I’m a bargain shopper) and one will come in 10min and be $20 (i think… I also have CRS--- can’t remember shit).

So as we wait outside for the cab --- all these cabs drive by us asking if we want a ride.

Mr. Type A (aka my husband) wanted me to ‘’call a cab’’, when all we had to do was flag one down. This really nice minivan - looked real clean with it’s sliding doors rolled up and we told him we were waiting for one.

This went on for about 10min.

Me… can’t we just get in one of these?

Mr. Type A… we have to get in the one we called.

So I’m nowhere near type A, BUT I am a rule follower so I don’t disagree that we should wait for the cab we called.

And then we found it.

Something out of a horror movie.

And yet we still got in it?

What. The. Freak.


Me, my husband and 2 kids + 1 crazy as shit cab driver.

I recall there was a bunch of stuff on the front seat that I couldn’t even sit down. I can’t remember if he put it in the trunk, shoved it on the floor, or both.

Later, my husband told me he sat in the back so if the driver attacked me he could attack him from behind -- huh? I swear the conversation went something like that, again #CRS

The guy told us tales of driving his cab out west and sleeping in it because he didn’t want to pay for hotels among other weird ass stories, I can’t remember. I was probably looking around the car making sure I wasn’t going to be touched by anything gross, including the cab driver.

I was dreaming about the nice CLEAN minivan that drove by and we said ‘’no’’ too. We could have NOT been squished into this trash can on wheels. So why were we?

Why didn’t we open the door of the cab take one look inside and say -- Thanks. But no thanks????

Once we arrived at the campground and were completely creeped out we made a plan to go straight to the bath house, and not our RV, as we didn’t want crazy cabbie to know where we ‘’lived’’ he creeped around the campground for 5-10min before he finally left.

Our daughter was mortified by her first cab ride.
Her friend was from NYC so I’m sure she didn’t think much of it.

And right now I’m thinking…. WHY DID WE EVER GET IN THAT CAB!?

And then I’m thinking… where else in my life did I get in the ‘’proverbial cab’’ when I didn’t want to!?

In my dream I knew I didn’t want the Wendy’s dude in my car and told him to get out. But IRL we don’t always take a stand for what feels right.

So, the more I think about this... I love that I was cool with the random dude getting in my vehicle (and how rare that it was actually my vehicle and my wendy's and everything was so clear in my dream like it was really happening) but as soon as he wanted to bring baggage with him I was like NOPE!!!!! Like I can handle people but not their crap they bring with them or something. I'm saying no to the crap --- all at the same time I'll also #MarieKondoing my entire home!

Moral of this story...

1 | Don't take peoples crap 

or let strangers in your vehicle when you're not an Uber driver :)

2 | Don't GET In a ‘‘crazy’’ cab or situation 

you always have the right to CHANGE YOUR MIND!

I always say this…

If it feels wrong,
it probably is.
If it feels right,
it probably is.

It's nudges like this that remind me, it's really important to me to honor what FEELS right. I learned that lesson last June when we put down our Sweet Isabelle and I have a whole future chapter on that -- blog post to come!

Tell me… about the last situation you got into that didn’t ‘’feel’’ right? What did you do? What would you do next time?

Have you had a weird dream lately? I'd love to analyze it!

Coach Julia 😘

p.s. check out this episode on The Holderness Family Podcast about dreams!

Today is my 10th Anniversary with Thirty-one!

Hey I’m Julia the “bag lady” who knew you could make a living for over a decade selling bags

Let’s rewind the clock to May 11, 2019.... I have a thriving custom wedding stationery business and get ALL my clients from bridal shows or referrals.... but Micheals is now making it Trendy to DIY your own invitations and there are a lot more options on the market then when I started love2bcreative and I was tired of sitting alone, behind my computer, all day, everyday.

I had a gorgeous 700 sq ft studio I remodeled with lots of lights in the day but it was dark and scary at night.

And if I needed more income I needed to work more and work late.... and I needed more income, because this was also when my husband had a Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealership —- and GM when bankrupt .

Then one Saturday afternoon I went with my friend Colette and her daughter to the PA Women’s Expo.

The event was a total flop. They never hosted it again, but that day my life would be forever altered.

This event was back when Jon & Kate Plus 8 we’re still together, they were the guest appearance and I think this was their last public appearance before their split.

I half recall wanting to set up a booth there, maybe for birth announcement and I think that’s how I knew about it but I figured I’d go check it out that year before committing to an expensive booth.

We didn’t have much time to look around (it was at the farm show complex) and zipped up and down the aisles. Stopping for some glittery eye makeup (think more glitter less makeup) and a belly dancing lesson.... out 3 yo belly dancing was priceless I have the video buried somewhere.

And then there were 2 bag booths right next to each other —- Maddy Moo and Thirtyone. I didn’t have time to really look I just grabbed a catalog from each lady.

Patti, the thirtyone lady had these little magnetic clothespins with her website in them displayed in a cool bucket (we used to sell). I took one of those too (and for many years made my own “clothes pins”... should get back to that!).

We were off to the cabin for the weekend so we had no time to leisurely walk through all the booths - remember I wanted to check it out to see if it was worth having a booth next year (they never had the event again)..

So I’m here with these 2 bag catalogs and my husband has to leave his business & salary behind — there is NO WAY I can go bag shopping... but I want like everything in the thirtyone catalog.

So I flip it over and I see a bunch of the bags I want in the business starter kit and it’s only $99 — so I figure why don’t I have a party invite my friends to look at the bags to and then I can use the hostess rewards and my commission to buy all the bags I want. I don’t know who this Patti person is so why should my fiends pay HER to shop when they can pay me.

I buy the kit and I’m so excited. It comes just Before memorial day weekend and we were going to the cabin with my best friend — I took the kit with me and I opened it in my closet with her I told her my husband didn’t know about it and he can’t so shush is he coming?

Now we can all laugh about my little bag biz “coming out” of the closet because it was the best financial decision I ever made for our family.

I recall The day I had my party in my studio I put all the bags on my shelves and even printed business cards with my name on them which my husband looked at but never said anything oh crap was I going to be busted when I came home from the party I confessed to my husband I wasn’t just the hostess I was also the consultant.

At the time we thought we were moving to Erie for a business opportunity for him and I was going to do my little bag business with his blessing although turned out that wasn’t our plans and it wasn’t until three years later we moved to Selinsgrove when he bought the Nissan dealership needless to say those three years were my best in my business and my income was a lifesaver.

I couldn’t believe it what started out with me just wanting to buy some bags turned out to be the biggest blessing at a really hard time in our life.

Let me repeat I started my business because I just wanted a bunch of bags and I don’t want to have to pay for them I took my first two mo paychecks And bought everything I wanted in the catalog I couldn’t believe that I was making hundreds of dollars just selling bags.

And then something unexpected happened other people wanted to sell bags too — Before I knew it I was being promoted to director and I had a quickly growing team with me.

And I fell in love not with the bags not with the company but with the people I was helping just like me make some extra money selling bags helping their family being home with their kids when things got a little bit tight.

So today is a celebration of the day I said yes to a lifetime opportunity, having no clue what path and people lay before me and saying yes all over again to the opportunities and people that await.

Once a bag lady. Always a bag lady.

With Love + Hustle,

p.s. I’m hosting a party to celebrate, can you join me!?
p.p.s come hang out with me in my VIP BAG LADIES GROUP

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My itty bitty Soulopreneur Society…. isn't itty bitty anymore!


My itty bitty Soulopreneur Society --- my coaching membership community --- isn't itty bitty anymore!

When I came online 5 years ago to learn how to grow my biz online and not in-person I invested a TOOOOOONNNNN of money in coaching + courses.

It averaged out to $20,000 per year, OUCH!

I thought the more I invested, the more I would learn, the more I would earn. The more would ''come back'' to me in revenue and clients.

At one time I think I was paying 5 different coaches all at the same time!

A few months ago I go FED UP with the coaching industry and the premium model. It just seemed to be OUT OF CONTROL and if that was the way it ''worked'' frankly I didn't want to be a part of it.

And that's when I realized it's the exact reason I have to keep going -- be the solution to the problem! Don't try to ''fix''what's broken, create a BETTER model to serve those who have a heart to serve but not 100s to 1000s of money to invest each month on mentorship.

I know it's possible to reach my BIG income goals working with clients for as little as $37/mo --- because my business is BUILT around continuity!

My biz started to feel REALLY GOOD when I stopped worrying what my coaches thought I should do and did what I thought I should do.

I don't even need/want a business coach anymore!

Yea, you heard me.

I figured it out --- coaching was just slowing me down because I couldn't find the right coach to support me the way I needed supported...

So you know what I did?

I created the perfect coaching program for my clients and in-turn created the perfect support system for ME!

Who knew I didn't need to FIND what I was looking for, I just needed to create it!

And you know what else I did?

I joined a reasonably priced mastermind led by life coach Maru Iabichela called REAL POWERFUL WOMAN and I rarely ask her for business advise.

Because being a good business owner is about being a good person with your priorities in order.

I love that my business is built around providing accessible, affordable HIGH LEVEL coaching to empower others. I love that my clients love me and don't want to find another coach once they start working with me.

THANK YOU to all my new clients who trusted my leadership and joined The Society in faith that it would help you grow your business... it will!

We are just getting started.

Buckle up.

Coach Julia

p.s. what can you do NOW that feels right to you + your biz?

18 reasons I joined Crowned Free...

Wahoooooooo! Today is the day a brand new business in a box showed up at my front door.

While I love marketing ''out of the box''... 

I believe wise business women build a business they BUY in a box!

Seriously! Where else can you start your very own online boutique with adorbs clothing, jewelry + accessories for $199!!!!!! And when I started my Thirty-one biz (back in 2009) it was only $99!!!!!! Would you even believe me if I told you I 5000%-ed my ROI!? As in over my lifetime I've earned 5000x what I paid for my starter kit. 

To be honest In 4 years with my coaching business startup + investments, I've just tipped the scale of breaking-even..... as in .10% ROI!!!!!

Let me say that again. 

It's taken me 4+ years to make 10% of what I've invested which means I'm 90% in the hole. Yea, I said it... I'm an online business coach teaching people how to make money --- that doesn't make money hahahah. Oh the irony!

BUT, I had a breakthrough today around this when talking to my SOUL SISTER and biz partner, Michele Julian when she said....

     You don't teach people because you did it right....
     You teach them because you F'd up
     And they're not going to make the mistakes you did.

     You've been in business for 18 years!

     Why did you start your own business?

             Me: so I could work from home with my kids

     And you've done that!
     And you make money right?

            Me: well, yah.... but not from coaching.

     But you make money from thirty-one.
             Me: yah, but I don't even do anything to make that money

     Um, what?
     So how do you make money without working?

 Me: Well, I have a team!

     OK. So you had to work to build that team.

             Me: not really it kind of just happened

     So it came easy to you?

             Me: yah!

     Because you were just sharing. You were passionate about something and you shared it with people.

             Me: well, yah.

     So it was so easy you didn't even feel like you were working?
     And now you have a team built that makes your income for you.

     See! You know how to make money!

So, I was telling myself a STORY that I'm a biz coach that doesn't know how to make money -- when in reality it's quit the opposite!

And, I've also decided that I'm not going to be ashamed of my journey! And I'm not going to shrink as an online biz coach. I KNOW what it takes to build a biz online and I'm not going to stop before I 10,000% my ROI! And I'm going to be even more transparent as I take you on the journey with me. I have nothing to hide -- I'm only here to help YOU!

Michele always reminds me... I'm not rich because I don't steal from people, lol! And that I have so much to teach people about business that it was hard for me so it can be easier for them because I'm a really good teacher and I really care about my clients.

I'm also not going to be ashamed of partnering with now, ANOTHER direct sales company when I'm already actively working/promoting Thirty-One + MONAT.

Because ya know what... I'm DAMN SMART! And I give myself good advice. And I know what works for me. And I also know that tomorrow I can change my mind about any decision I make today. Maybe I'll stay ''married'' to Thirty-One forever... maybe I'll ''retire'' after 10 years (next May)... maybe I'll run dual direct sales businesses maybe I go full time with Crowned Free.... maybe I run it as a passion project + hobby.

Here's the thing.

I don't have to DECIDE. Unless company policies change and I do, hahah!

I can do whatever I want.
My business doesn't have to look or be a certain way.
That's why I'm my own boss!

I tell my students/clients all the time...

#1 You're the BOSS
#2 There are no RULES

So there ya have it! I'm the boss and there are no rules so I'm going to PROUDLY share the products and opportunity Crowned Free has to offer.

So let me tell you the reasons WHY I chose to partner with Crowned Free...


💗  1 // FB ad in my messenger - savvy at marketing, got my attention #nailed it

💗 2 // Great Graphic design - branding is obviously important #nailedit

💗 3 // Heidi, the owner - I actually had a messenger convo with HER not a chat bot and then we got on the phone and had a great conversation

💗 4 // The Cause - while human trafficking hasn't affected me personally I know it's a REAL + BIG problem and I want to help people

💗 5 // 15% of sales (i think) go to fight #HumanTrafficking

💗 6 // Survivors make 50% (i think) of the products

💗 7 // Love at first sight - these clothes + accessories are SO my style

💗 8 // I wanted everything on the website

💗 9 // The cami - I need this in black + white

💗 10 // Gifts - great client gifts like this pouch

💗 11 // I've always wanted to have my own boutique

💗 12 // Commission - #duh

💗 13 // I can replace my wardrobe and be a walking advertisement for #3, 4, 5 + 6

💗 14 // Ground Floor - I loved when Thirty-one was a ''baby'' company and I knew everyone at home office and the other leaders. I crave intimacy!

💗 15 // Make a Difference - is their slogan and I feel that I actually have a voice with this company and that I can be friends with the owner not just an ID #

💗 16 // My sponsor is a former Thirty-One Executive Director #awesomesauce

💗 17 // I sold enough in my Thirty-one Flash Sale to pay cash for my kit

💗 18 // I'm going to be the first leader to get to the top of the comp plan

Coach Julia 😘 

p.s. If you'd love to be my biz partner and join Crowned Free with me I'd love to mentor you! You can JOIN HERE or send me an EMAIL HERE!

p.p.s. if you want to check out my FLASH SALE with Thirty-one it's open until friday - you can join the fun HERE!


About Coach Julia - Julia is a mom, wife + multi-business owner, passionate about helping other moms create freedom + flexibility in their business with multiple streams of income through direct sales.... affiliate marketing, info products, courses + coaching. She's been a direct sales biz owner + leader for the past 9 years, earning a FT income and can show you how to build a direct sales career around your busy family!