The TOP 10 Things I did to become successful in my online business!

And a little bit about the journey that took me there.... oh what a difference 2 years can make!

I have a habit of getting distracted.

August 2014, the same month I launched my first coaching website on WP I stumbled upon the opportunity to be one of 200 beta testers for a new company & product by Stella & Dot called KEEP Collective.

It was a "social selling" company which I thought meant sell through social media but it actually meant selling socially (in person) through their home parties called "Socials". 

I'll admit I had visions of dollar bills in my head,

to be on the ground floor of an established company (I had always said if I had found S&D before Thirty-one is be selling that now and not bags). I knew my colleagues who got in in the beginning have made 10s of thousands per month for Years. I wanted that to be me.

 I was just one of 200 testers in the nation, and the FIRST person in my state to get samples.

I though if I was one of the "first ones" to start building a team that I would be one of the founding designers. I was even trying to get one of the coveted 100 spots and the Tiffany pendant that came with it. If I was one of the first 5 I'd get a 10k bonus! I grew my team to 20 in 3 short months but then it fizzled out. I had booked just one social and these people didn't even know they we're coming to a jewelry party (it was a straight up drinking party) and I didn't know either but I set up my table and tried to "work it". The only person that ended up buying was my hostess. It was a flop to say the least.

I had been pouring so much energy into this new biz and second team --- and at the time I had a thirty-one team of 300+


I had just launched my coaching biz. say what!!?? Isn't that like 3 businesses? Um yea.

I don't know why I got so distracted from the business I had had for 6 years and the new one I just started. I guess u could say I thought the grass was greener on the other side.

And for some of my peers it was!

Most of the leaders killing it with Keep were also leaders with thirty-one. Including one who had been the TOP recruiter the previous year and a guest in Cindy Monroe, our founders home. In fact the first leader to reach the top of the comp plan was THAT thirty-one consultant!!!

I came to the conclusion that 2 businesses with monthly quotas and 2 teams...

was just not going to work for me...

Keep in mind before I figured that out I had niched as a Direct Sales coach as I thought this could be a way I could work with BOTH my teams at the same time.

But there was still a problem.

My heart wasn't in it. 

I had "outgrown" the direct sales model which I had so loved. I had been shown ways to make money and passive income without relying on a team.... Dragging my loot to houses or spending hours standing at a vendor event trying to book a party.

I wanted to help women in ANY biz not just direct sellers. I'd now had 10 years business experience in 3 different biz models.

He who chases 2 rabbits catches none
~Chinese proverb

I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't want to be the first top level leader with Keep but, 

that wasn't my destination it was just a chapter.

Shortly there after on of my coaches who I went to a retreat with 4 years ago launched her own coaching school online and so I began to uplevel my coaching expertise and learn from a mom that had three little kids a husband and a thriving lucrative coaching practice. I wanted to be like her!

During that training I got paired with a partner to practice my coaching skills on.

She loved me so much that she wanted to pay me but I wouldn't let her.

When the 12 practice weeks were up she was eager to hire me as her coach and she did!

Only problem was after 6+ mo she was the ONLY person to hire me as her coach. I'd had plenty of calls with potential clients but I had YET to get a client that didn't think they needed to make money first and THEN hire me. And u know how that goes.... They stay stuck and I stay broke.

It was also during this time I decided I needed to make my plan B (my coaching biz) my plan A. The stars aligned and I found a team to help brand me and bring personality to my pixels.

I spent 3 full months neglecting my direct sales biz and family while crafting and launching my rebrand (as a biz coach not direct sales coach).

I though THEN people would be banging down my door to hire me.... They weren't.

So in Jan 2015 after declaring for MONTHS "I'm gonna make 10k this mo" I declared I'm gonna work for FREE the whole month of Jan and that's when I birthed my #29onlinemarketingtips free training to build my list.

Then my Grammie (and last grandparent) passed away --- I sent her to heaven but that's another story. and my husband and I went on a weeklong cruise so I stopped at tip #21 and never finished the project.

I picked up 2 design jobs doing a webinar slide deck (with free coaching) + a sales page.... I earned $1000 in 2 weeks in April but I still wasn't making money being a "coach".

At this point I had to laugh or cry about it.

I couldn't get a client to save my life, or pay my bills for that matter. 

It was beyond frustrating and stressful. In fact when my Grammie was dying I had to borrow money from my husband just to put gas in my car to go see her. I had no room on any of my credit cards for a tank of gas and no cash. I couldn't even just jump in my car to go see my dying grandma!!!!!

I was a slave and a prisoner to my own debt which I incurred on my quest to financial freedom - talk about irony!

And then something changed the trajectory of my biz --- I had bought "another" coarse behind my husbands back and against his wishes --- but it changed everything. I had the money to pay for the first of 6, $197 payments because of the design job.

The course was to teach me how to build a course in 30 days and I was one motivated student so I did! I had 270 students register and the ones that showed up like me in my course in "my course" made leaps and bounds in their biz I was blown away and amused that I could get nearly 300 students much easier then I could get 1 client (wtf!) 😜

Then I had what I like to call my "no launch launch" and offered lifetime student memberships to my students! I called it "beta for life" and 14 people bought it! I had made 10x return on my own investment. The first measurable ROTI in 2+ years👏🏼

I had no idea I would end up where I am teaching online marketing and marrying my love for coaching with my love for design!

How did I get here?

1. I never quit or gave up (trust me I thought about it)

2. I believed in ME and my mission to empower others to empower others

3. I prayed

4. I hustled my buns off

5. I put my whole heart into my biz

6. I rebranded

7. I got clear on what I sell

8. I got clear on who I wanted to sell it to

9. I stopped listening to "the noise" online and started to listen to myself --- this is the ONE thing that changed EVERYTHING

10. I found my tribe


If you are struggling to build your online business.
If there are more days you want to quit than keep going.
If you're so tired you don't even know what "awake" feels like.
If you are a prisoner to your paycheck.
If you think maybe success isn't meant for you, after all.

I want to let you know you are not ALONE. 

Entrepreneurship is a long and lonely road at times but I promise you the best view is from the highest mountain. 

Keep the faith.
Keep the heart.
Keep the hustle.

Dreams do come true!

I'd love to give you the inside scoop on how to REALLY build your own business online with my 29 BEST MARKETING tips....

Want to connect with other Soulopreneurs?

Is your coach really a trainer... and not really a coach?

Back in 2011, I was introduced to a direct sales coach that was getting some of my colleagues great results. I wanted to hire her, she was $500 for 5 phone calls. I went on her wait list 3x till I finally was ready to make the investment.

I can't remember what we used my 5 sessions for, in fact I just referenced my notebook and have ONE page of notes that don't look much worth $500!

I do remember her telling me I needed to have 10 parties a month. This was her strategy for "exponential growth" and if I wanted to spend a session finding out why I could or I could just do it. So I did. It was AWFUL I never had 10 parties again it doesn't work for me, and I knew it wouldn't. I didn't WANT to have 10 parties month. And I thought she should be coaching me for what works for me. 

But here's the thing she's not a coach she's a trainer calling herself a coach. 

A trainer tells you WHAT to do a while a true coach believes you have the answers and "coaches" them out of you.

A coach will GUIDE you to follow your inner wisdom, help you dig deep to your hearts true desires be it in business or life, support you on what you want to do, create an action plan and hold you accountable. Yes, they may do some "training" with you but they are not teaching you a "formula", "blueprint" "system", or "method" that is the be all end all (like my first coach). They believe in YOU and the magic you are meant to bring to the world in a way only you can bring it.

So then I hired another coach (for the same price - and also formerly in direct sales) and WOW! What we accomplished in such a short time together was nothing short of a miracle looking back. She was AMAZING and she helped me be a better leader. Together we developed my own personal thirty-one party experience "Bringing the Boutique To You" + a "Ladder to Leadership" 12 week program I created from scratch with her.

And do you know that leadership program yielded me 2 new leaders in 12 weeks! 

So based on my own experience doing things the "trainer" coaches way didn't work for me and yielded me NO tangible results. The only useful advise she gave me was to get a calendar that's an apt. book style with time increments.

The "real" coach who believed in me and COACHED me got me MEGA RESULTS in my business.

So I find it comical now that I reflect on that because, I keep seeking trainers disguised as coaches. And it's REALLY FRIGGIN FRUSTRATING! Just yesterday I had a sales call with a coach (well not actually her, someone on her team) I found and began to admire (like me she had another business she closed prior to going into coaching, prior to a successful direct sales career where she fell in love with coaching and went her first 18mo WITHOUT a client). 

The more questions I asked the more apparent it became that this coach offers a specific process and order to do things (apparently I'm working on phase 2 stuff now). And then something terrible happened...

I began to doubt myself!

I ignored the icky sensation I was feeling that this was NOT for me. I wondered should I really be doing it HER way? Maybe launching my Create Your Authentic Marketing Plan™ course this month, that I KNOW works with proven results -- isn't such a good idea after all. 

Maybe I don't know what I'm doing. 

I LOVE how my body gives me cues -- like that icky sensation that practically screams RUN FAR AWAY this isn't a fit for you!

We REALLY do have all the answers inside us and that's what I believe when it comes to me and my clients + students. 

I love how my intuition says F*ck what everyone else says I'm doing it MY way and it's going to ROCK

So why do I think someone else has answers that I don't have?
That THEIR way is better than my way.... Why?
That they know something I don't?
Because they have made more money than me?

In direct sales we say "everyone starts off as a team of ONE". It's no different in online business... we all start as ONE and go + grow at our own pace. What works for someone else probably won't work for us and what works for us most likely won't work for the next person.


Because we all are unique, as cliche as it sounds it's the honest to God truth! 

I believe in MY TRUTH.
I believe in faith, heart + hustle.
I believe my business can be financially successful on MY terms, MY way!

And most importantly I believe these 2 things:

#1 I'm the Boss
#2 There are no rules

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... you don't NEED a coach. You may WANT one, but you don't neeeeeeeed one. You really do have the capability of moving forward "alone" -- despite what someone else (who wants your money) will tell you. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it is possible.

I will say when you find the RIGHT coach things can get pretty awesome pretty quickly!

So how do you find the right coach and how do you know when you are really ready? I've created this handy "10 Questions to Ask" when hiring a biz coach booklet to help you. 

I also say that when you're wondering if you're ready for a coach you probably are! So many people have it backwards they think I'll make money and THEN I'll hire a coach. Isn't that kinda like "i'll start going to the gym when I'm thinner"? Um, you have to go to the gym to get thin!!!! 

Want to have a coaching consultation with someone who things YOU'RE THE BOSS? Want to practice those 10 questions on me? Feel free to apply for a no-stings attached strategy session here!

p.s. check out my blog post "IS YOUR COACH LEGIT" for more tips to find a coach you won't regret hiring!

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Where I was in my online business 2 years ago today!

Today facebook reminded me that it was TODAY 2 years ago that I purchased my domain

Wow!!!! I had no idea what I was doing when I bought my domain name and built my first website on WP (ouch!) which I "launched" 2 months later. I'm giddy with excitement thinking about where my business will be 2 years from today!!!

Where where YOU in your online business 2 years ago?

Have you made progress?

Have you accomplished things you never imagined you would?

I took a little video for you as I reflected on my journey....