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Is what you're doing Now, GOOD ENOUGH to make a difference???

...we think so!
Which is exactly why we want to invite you to learn more about our ''Good Enough'' Mastermind...


+ 2 UNIQUE ways to serve you!

In place of hosting ''discovery calls'', we're doing something even better and giving away #18DaysOfCoaching -- FULL ON 1:1 Coaching sessions --  So that you can get to know us and our coaching style by either being coached or watching us coach!

We invite you to apply for an on-air 🔥 hot seat coaching sessions before they are gone 💨.

Note: Your coaching call proceeds will go to our local families with little ones in need of Christmas Cheer; after 12/25 we will select a different charity.

We invite you to make 2018 your best year yet!

We'll be sharing more detailed info about the mastermind over the next 3 weeks! Just know this, if you are looking for support from people who really care and can really help you get results you desire, look no further! Apply today so we can get to know you!

Step 1 // submit your application
Step 2 // ''is it a fit?'' interview
Step 3 // invitation + acceptance
Step 4 // pay deposit
Step 5 // pre-party: access to The Authentic Marketing Academy + The Soulopreneur Secret Society

Meet Michele + Julia!
We love being our own bosses... and believe 2 hearts are better than 1 so we've teamed up to offer you an out-of-this-world personalized life/biz coaching experience like NOTHING we've seen in the industry. Spend 4 fun + focused months with us and your life and biz will never be the same.


Michele has owned a private massage therapy practice for 20 years and is a Get Gutsy certified life coach. She resides in the suburbs of Boston with her husband, Tom and spends weekends in Vermont. 


Julia has been a brand designer for 18 years and is a Get Gutsy certified life coach. She resides in Central Pennsylvania with her husband Tim, daughter, 2 cats, 1 snake + 1 bunny, and spends weekends at their Cabin so she can't be on her computer.