Books on parenting, marriage, sales, marketing, life, leadership, money, time.... you name it I probably read it (or have it in my amazon shopping cart). I'm a personal and biz development junkie. I can't get enough I am always looking for my next "fix" be it a book, class, course, workshop, retreat... you name it. But here's what I know.... it's time to stop the insanity (you know doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results). The answers don't lie in google, podcasts, blogs, courses or books they lie inside YOU! 

You're probably wondering WHAT EXACTLY IS COACHING!? 

In it's simplest form coaching is a guided conversation. Think of it like a "dance" between you and I. There is a flow to the conversation that can not be scripted and an energy that we can both feel.

It's not the type of conversation you have with your mom, spouse or best friend who gives you well meaning advice.

Coaching is a partnership where I hold sacred space for you to explore, discover, question, evaluate and take action on your hearts deepest desires in your life and business. However, the transformation that comes from these conversations and the support in between sessions is LIFE CHANGING!

Here's a great analogy: I was in the BEST shape of my life when I hit the gym after work with a friend. Didn't feel like going, I went. Had plans, they could wait. Forgot my sneakers, went home and got them. It was a sacred part of my day. Nobody messed with my "gym time" and they days I really didn't feel like going I knew my friend would be there WAITING FOR ME and then she'd push me along when I wanted to quit running on the treadmill or wimp out when the lifting got heavy. I am here waiting for you to get your life & biz into the best shape it's ever been! I'll spot you when things get "heavy" and I'll push you a little farther when you think it's time to quit... Think of me as your "gym buddy" for your life + biz! You're the one doing all the "work" but together your results will be AMAZEBALLS!


You know when you are super excited about your work and want to talk to your spouse, mom, kid, etc. about your biz and they get that glazed look in their eye. Or worse yet they make you doubt what you are doing with your business because you have SO MANY GREAT IDEAS and you haven't made money off of any of them yet because you are still working for FREE because you don't know how to get PAID.

Well when you have that conversation with ME, your coach, you get to climb outside of your own head. The one BURSTING and spinning with amazing ideas (because yes, you're ideas ARE amazing and they are your gift to the world). I get to LISTEN and GUIDE YOU (with my intuition, skills + tools) to connect with your "higher self" the one that does have all the answers to the questions like...

• Who am I to charge people for this?
• Do people really have what I have to sell?
• What makes me an expert?
• Do I have enough experience?
• What makes ME so special?
• What if it's been done before?

The #1 comment my clients tell me is IT FEELS SO GOOD TO TALK ABOUT IT - "it" being whatever in your biz that is keeping you awake at night, thinking about while you are making dinner, when you're playing with your kids and relaxin' with your hubby. And when we talk about "it" all the things that seem so daunting and overwhelming become REALLY manageable. I pretty much help you find your super-hero strength to get done all the stuff you say you want to do!

Coaching is the fUEl for your dream life!


You know when you are so busy you forget to switch the laundry to the dryer and have the wash the stinky clothes again, or that project you've been meaning to get to for months if not years sitting on your dining room table, or how you always say YES when people ask you for favors and inside you're screaming no but don't want to hurt their feelings. Or how you hate yourself for being a "bad " mom and wife while you are building your online empire (aka dream job that will pay for your kids college tuition with one months salary while you work from your motor home driving across the country because now that you're kids not in school you can finally be location independent).... yeah, all that "stuff".

But here's the thing when you have a business what goes on in your LIFE affects your work and what goes on in your WORK affects your life. There is no separating the two -- although you are desperately trying to find that switch that turns your CEO brain off at 4pm and your mom/wife switch ON. What does exist is finding EASE & FLOW in all the roles that you do play in your life and biz. And that my friend is the gift of coaching. FINDING PEACE in the everyday chaos of your life as an entrepraneur. 

Still scratching your head trying to figure out exactly what is a life coach?


Guide - leads a journey

Consultant - gives professional advice

Mentor - is a guide/tutor/coach

Coach - is a private tutor

Tutor - is a private teacher

Teacher - shows how it's done

Strategist - skilled in making plans for achieving a goal

Cheerleader - encourages others to do something


It means that you get 2 coaches for the price of 1! 

• I can talk bodacious branding, plus actually design a mood board or logo for you

• I can talk strategic online marketing strategy (like opt-ins, webinars, landing pages, growing your list), plus show you "step by step" how to implement... I even offer "done for you" services so you don't have to waste another minute thinking about it!

• I can talk about how your husband hates that you turn on the computer in the evening, and co-create a solution that works for both your biz + marriage

• I can talk about how you are always overwhelmed with your to do list and why you have 5 different planners and don't use one of them and co-create a solution that turns you into a tada list ninja

• I'm like Vanilla Ice... you got a problem I'll help you solve it!

• When I know what's going on in your life I can see how it affects your biz and vice versa - harmony is your goal and I am your conductor!

• I'll laugh, cry & celebrate with you every step of the way to your #dreamlife